Coronavirus Cases raised in San Francisco after Homeless Man Defecated in Drinking Fountain

Department of Public Health, San Francisco has given out a warning to all residents as they have a chance to be infected by Coronavirus from drinking from a polluted water fountain.

Coronavirus cases

As to the health, authorities warn, the residents of San Francisco could get infected by Coronavirus if they drink water from a fountain in which a Homeless man defecated with COVID-19.

As with the reports confirm, this homeless man has been using this water fountain as a bidet to wash himself off when he used to defecate on the streets. Announcing this, people are warned not to drink water from this fountain. But the sad part is, seeing some people drinking water from this water fountain even knowing this homeless man contaminates the water.

Coronavirus cases

Allan Green, San Francisco Department of Public Health spokesman,

As to another resident, he has given him a roll of toilet paper and has asked him not to use the water fountain as a bidet. And he has found him attempting to roll a joint with the paper.

As to San Francisco Police reports, urinating, defecating, Masturbating, or similar in public drinking fountains are strong enough to get arrested under public health solutions. And this man was once under lockups with samples of urine and semen were noticed and confirmed in the fountain.

San Francisco is also troubling with homeless and all complaints are getting raised every day. So what health authorities say is not to use public water at this stage as thousands could have been exposed to COVID-19 outbreak.