Black Lives Matter Street Mural Captured In A Satellite Image

Black Lives Matter Street Mural Captured In Satellite Image

The Black Lives Matter street mural, painted in bright yellow in Washington, along the road leading to the White House, is so large in size that it can be seen from space!

Newly photographed satellite images from Planet Labs clearly exhibits the symbolic message, laying amidst buildings, with its magnificence reduced due to the large distance. The massive mural lies across two blocks of 16th street, and it was commissioned by Muriel Bowser, the Mayor of Washington. Not only that, Bowser officially named the section of the street that holds the mural as the “Black Lives Matter Plaza.”

blm satellite image

As people of the United States are protesting against the highly prevalent racial discrimination faced by African-Americans, the phrase “Black Lives Matter” has become very familiar to everyone, both locally and internationally. This mural proves it.

While the protests are still ongoing, demanding justice for many Black Americans who were previously assaulted unreasonably, a street sign of Black Lives Matter Plaza is visible near St. John’s Episcospal Church. However, the DC chapter of the BLM Global Network criticized it, calling it “performative distraction from real policy changes.” The group went on to say that Muriel Bowser was on the wrong side of BLMDC history from the beginning, and that this act is done solely to appease white liberals while ignoring their demands.

blm street sign

Responding to the brutal murder of George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer, in Minneapolis, a series of protests took place in Washington throughout a week, and several huge protests are yet to come.

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