99-Old Woman is the Oldest Briton to Recover from Coronavirus

Oldest Briton to Recover from Coronavirus

Carrie Pollock, 99, is recovering at home after beating coronavirus (Picture: Solent News & Photo Agency)

A 99-years old woman has made a surprising recovery from coronavirus three weeks ago, after being admitted to the hospital for treatments.

She is Carrie Pollock, a 99-year-old woman, who residents in Hampshire. Making a remarkable recovery from Coronavirus, she has appreciated all effort by the hospital staff who has worked very hard to save her life from COVID-19. Where she was admitted is, Queen Alexandra Hospital in Hampshire.

In early March, she was admitted to the hospital. And that moment she was getting hallucinations, pneumonia and also a water infection. And after temperature changed to a higher rate, she was tested for the COVID-19 that made her test positive for the illness.

Oldest Briton to Recover from Coronavirus

As Carrie said, it is very important to obey all the Government’s advice at this stage especially about social distancing. And here non-essential visits in public is actually being foolish.

And she added people should think and adhere to it taking the highest notice of it. In fact, we never know when you would get exposed to the virus and from where, so prevention is what is important than cure as to her experience.

She is also asking people, why should anyone help in spreading this deadly virus just going over government advice?

Talking about her experience of COVID-19 from home, she said she had Malaria twice when she was in Africa. And as to her, that is worse than experience with Coronavirus. So she continued saying, she is very happy to get back home safely and repeatedly thanked the hospital staff for all support throughout.

Oldest Briton to Recover from Coronavirus

Jess Keeley, Carrie’s great-great-niece said they have no idea how Carrie caught the virus and they were highly-shocked when they got to know the fact. But she said, Carrie is a real fighter and always on positive thoughts. She added saying, Carrie is an inspiration to the whole family.

And knowing he was completely recovered is a very big thing for her family and also us which is impossible when thinking about some other cases. So we could now be able to see Carrie turning her 100 with full health and cheer.