George Floyd Memorial Fund Collects Most GoFundMe Donations

Official George Floyd Memorial Fund Collects Most GoFundMe Donations

The murder of George Floyd by a white police officer is massively impacting not only the United States, but the whole world, to stand against racial discrimination. Citizens of many countries have taken to the streets to demand justice and equality for everybody. Also, it is also motivating people to donate to a great cause.

The Official George Floyd Memorial Fund was launched just more than a week ago as a GoFundMe page, and presently it has become the GoFundMe page with the highest number of donations. The fundraisers were blown away by more than 500,000 donations that added up to around $13 million. This global campaign has received donations from more than 125 countries.

Watch The Memorial Held In Minneapolis Below

According to Philonese Floyd, George Floyd’s brother, the money from donations will be used to cover funeral and burial costs, travel costs, costs for counselling and court proceedings, as the family continues to seek justice for George Floyd. Also, a part of the donations will be used for the living and educational expenses of Floyd’s children.

On Thursday, the first memorial for George was held in Minneapolis. The second memorial was held on Saturday, in North Carolina. Next week, two more memorials will be held in Houston, in remembrance of George Floyd.

Watch The Memorial Service Held In North Carolina Below

While George Floyd campaign gained the highest number of GoFundMe donations, the second highest amount of donations was collected to build the wall at America’s southern border. However, this raised more than $25 million. Third highest number of donations were made by a coronavirus campaign that raised funds for ICU beds in Italy. It was able to collect more than 206k donations in less than 3 months.