Footage Confirms Austin Police Shot An Unarmed Black Man!

Footage Confirms Austin Police Shot An Unarmed Black Man!

One  more name was added to the already long list of names of those who were unnecessarily killed due to police brutality in the US! On 24th April, Michael Ramos joined the list, which already had the names of Ahamaud Arbery, George Floyd , Breonna Taylor and more.

Recent footage released by Austin Police department(APD)  reveals that the man was unarmed when he was killed by the police officers in the name of law. And this had happened when the entire world was fighting for equality and against police brutality. 

The police had acted when they received information that a man and a woman were in possession of drugs and firearms, and had come to the scene, terrified the man and gunned him down when he wanted to escape. It is to be noted neither fire arms nor drugs were found in the vehicle after the incident.

Michael Ramos

The video released was a body cam video which had an edited audio. It shows that the police points their fire arms and yells at Ramos to come out and raise his hands up. Initially the man does as they say and then the officers want him to walk towards them or get impacted. The confused and scared Ramos asks “What’s going on, bro?” and shouts “Man, what the f*ck did I f*cking do, man!”.

When the police officers simply urge each other to impact him and give no proper answer but repeat the same thing again, Michael Ramos tries to drive off and escape. The beanbag round initially fired to impact him is ineffective as it bounces back. As Ramos tries to leave the parking lot, Officer Christopher Taylor guns him down through the vehicle using three bullets (as said in the death report).Taylor also has used lethal force less than a year ago and the reason he gives now is that he felt that the vehicle could have been used as a weapon by Ramos.

You can watch the full video below.

The vehicle crashes and Ramos is pronounced dead at the local hospital. The district attorney had postponed the case as she lost the Democratic primary runoff and stated that she would like her successor to look after the case from beginning to end. Michael Ramos’ mother, Brenda Ramos, who wanted the department to fire the officer who shot Michael Ramos, said the DA’s action was very disrespectful a recent interview!