Woman Makes History In Leading The US Army Reserve

US Army Reserve Headed By A Woman For First Time In History

Women have found it doubly difficult to climb up the pyramid of work. In all industries, from entertainment to business, women can find themselves stuck and moving much slowly up the ladder than their male counterparts. With many women facing the ‘glass ceiling’ in their careers, Major General Jody Daniels makes history in being the first woman to lead a US Army reserve.This is a big inspiration for all women in the army and is a statement against the patriarchal system of the military promotions.

Daniels has several accomplishments under her belt, serving for 35 years. Some of her military accomplishments include commander of the 87th Army Reserve Support Command (East), Director of intelligence for the Multi-National Security Transition Command-Iraq in Baghdad and commander of the Theater Support Command, which consisted of 11 military intelligence battalions from the statement given by the Association of The United States Army.

Major General. Jody Daniels

Daniels promotion is the beginning of the US army’s effort for diversification, according to Mark Cancian, a senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. He said to USA Today that more women can be expected to take up senior roles in the army. And we can say it’s high time they did as 20% of the US army is made up of women. The promotion ceremony of Daniels, set to take place this 28th, serves not only as a historic moment but also as a inspiration to the women in the army.


And that was not all. She also has some civilian accolades including director of advanced programs for Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Technology Laboratories and served on the Defense Advanced Research Programs Agency’s Information Science and Technology Review Board and on Drexel University’s Computer Science Department Advisory Board.

There’s an impressive amount of work that she has done to achieve her current role. And Daniels’ husband , John McCarthy, who is a retired colonel himself says that his wife is a good fit for the role.


Daniels will be promoted to Lieutenant General and will be in charge of 200,000 soldiers both inside and out of US. This is a three star position and was announced on 21st of July. She succeeds Lt. Gen. Charles Luckey, who led the corps for 4 years.

Image Credits : US Army Reserve