Trump Is Still Questioning The Reliability Of Upcoming Elections While Republicans Are Committed To A Peaceful Transition

US elections

As November approaches, the tension regarding the US elections doubles. Many people are still undecided about whether to continue Trump’s reign or take a step and try to change the situation by voting Biden. With the COVID-19 pandemic, economic crisis, and race-related issues, now the country is more divided than ever and the society is almost certain that the presidential elections of 2020 will be the most important even in our time.

A little time is left before the elections, but President Trump still makes contradictory comments, raising confusion even among the Republicans. During a news conference on Wednesday, he declared that he is not going to perform a peaceful transfer of power after elections, despite he wins or loses. As written in an article by The Wall Street Journal, the dispute over the results will probably reach the Supreme court. However, the top US republicans try to ensure American voters that the transition will be peaceful and the outcome of the elections will be accepted by the high court. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell tweeted that “There will be an orderly transition just as there have been every four years since 1792”, meaning that despite Trump’s contradictive comments, nothing is going to change. Other Republican senators also tried to suppress election fears and repress doubts about upcoming elections.

Hopefully, the Supreme court doesn’t accept his concerns about “the voting fraud” as currently, mail-in ballots are a commonly accepted strategy and the best way to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus. But President’s comments give us the impression that Trump has never bothered to read the constitution or understand the vow he swore four years ago. Besides, maybe taking the precautionary measures before the results aren’t even necessary for him as people in the US surprisingly still support him, and the chances of Joe Biden winning, are not so convincing. And even if the danger of the fake ballots is real, sowing election doubts is not something that’s gonna push him to an easy win.

US elections

What will this transition do the USD?

Refusing a peaceful transition will probably have a huge impact on the US currency and the whole economic system.  It’s a commonly known fact that the US dollar is the biggest weapon the country owns. “American dollar has always been a weapon. It can be used to attack another nation, it can be used to adversely affect the status of another nation, and also, it can be used to sink the economy of another nation. This is the reason why Trump’s refusal is a major threat to America for defeating other countries” (source: Preservation of the country’s global economic and political position is highly dependant on the USD. This means that weakening the dollar will reduce an already battered consumer purchasing power and therefore, it means losing even further support for the government.

Is mail-in voting harmful?

From today;’s perspective, using mail-in ballots is the most accurate way to take part in the elections. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, voting in a person has become dangerous for spreading the virus. While the old way of voting poses a huge threat to the health of the citizens, the government decided to change the traditional voting strategy and replace it with mail-in voting which is relevant for the challenges of today’s digital age. The majority of experts believe that it’s safe and secure but Trump frequently questions its reliability, calling it “a horror show”. However, several studies have been conducting, showing that this method is secure and no significant problems accrued over the years of using mail-in ballots.

However, the process of elections will be different as counting the votes in this way probably takes more time than usual. This is why some of the states decided to allow extra time after the day of the election. But it’s hard to convince President Trump who actively attacks the Democrats for promoting this new method of voting and looks like, he’s not concerned about the safety of his citizens after all. He is certain that mail-in voting is full of fraud and the Democrats are using the coronavirus pandemic as a way to win the election, calling it a scam that the Democrats are pulling.

People believe that the good part is that this year’s election will be an unforgettable event in the whole history of America and historians will write negative views about it. Some people say that after all Trump will be known as “The Biggest Loser” of all time which finally throws him into an endless tirade while the rest of us laugh in his face. But there are still people out there supporting him and considering his doubts. Others believe that President Trump will accept the results of the election because it’s going to be his mega win and there will be no need to refuse. Another part of society things that using this mail-in ballots will cause no harm and actually, it’s a safer way to avoid voting fraud as printing millions of high-quality face ballots it’s a widely known fact.  Though, this is not gonna happen this year.

US elections


Finally, all we can say about the news is that Trump has nothing to hold on. Supporting him by the supreme court is highly unlikely as scientific evidence shows the evidence for the reliability of mail-in voting. Health officials also strictly support this method, saying that in-person elections could be a huge threat to the safety of the American population. Depending on the fact that even major republicans like Mcconnell, Rubio, and others contradict Trump’s messages, the situation is not going to change, and in two months the world will see the results of the digital voting strategy.