Truth About Arrest of Harvard Professor in Related to Coronavirus Pandemic

Arrest of Harvard Professor

During Coronavirus Pandemic, a message in a video clip has been circulating on Facebook, Twitter, and more saying that USA authorities have arrested the Harvard professor, Dr. Charles Lieber, for making coronavirus and for selling the virus to China.

As to the fact check, this claimed to be misleading people. In fact, Dr. Charles Lieber has arrested in January 2020 in focus to a fraudulent statement to US federal authorities. This was regarding the funds that he had received from the Chinese government. But nothing proves his connection to Coronavirus. So the news about the arrest of Harvard Professor in Related to Coronavirus Pandemic is false.

Why was Dr. Lieber arrested by Authorities?

Dr. Charles Lieber is a nanoscientist and that is strong evidence to prove that he has no contact with coronavirus cases. By the USA media, the news of his arrest has widely reported. As with what “The New York Times” came, the Harvard professor was charged with covering up Chinese funding. But he was not arrested for sending any sensitive information to China especially in regard to Coronavirus. And he was arrested in January 2020 by US federal authorities. So it is true that Dr. Lieber was arrested by the national authorities, but there is no connection found to him in relates to Coronavirus.


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