“Cat Did It” – Blames The Man For His Wife’s Unplanned Pregnancy

"Cat Did It" Blames The Man For His Wife's Pregnancy.

Antics of cats are hilarious. And often they are up to no good. But this mishap takes the prize as a man blames his cat as the reason for his wife getting pregnant. This interesting story results because of the feline pierced his condoms.

He shared his story on Reddit, on the famous thread TIFU which stands for Today I f**ked up . This humorous story goes on as follows.

The couple, after the difficulty of their first pregnancy, decided to put off their second child for awhile. This was also because of the ongoing COVID-19 situation and its unique difficulties. And the wife was off the pills as it caused weight loss and nausea.  So, the couple decided to rely entirely on condoms to prevent pregnancy.

But this entire plan turned upside down as the man didn’t account for the cat’s mischievousness. Calling his cat an “evil genius” he goes on to describe how he and his wife ended up in an unplanned  pregnancy, all because of his feline companion.


He says his first mistake was storing his rubbers inside a drawer alongside Q-tips, which are something the cat loves to destroy. So, when he came back afterwards, guess what he discovered? Yep. The drawer was open and all that was inside was a lot of fluff, chewed plastics and spilled condoms.

His second mistake, he says, was thinking that the cat had just spilled the rubbers and just putting them back again and later using them to have sex with his wife.

Then weeks later, wife discovers the same symptoms she had when she first conceived. Just to be sure, she takes a pregnancy test, and another and another as disbelief flashes across the couples’ face. They just try to find where things had gone wrong and the man suddenly gets it. He rushes back to the drawer and checks each square. And sure enough most of them had a lot of holes and scratches and the cat’s mastermind hits them.

At the very least, they have a story to share now!