Huge ‘Black Lives Matter’ Street Mural Near The White House

Huge Black Lives Matter Street Mural Near The White House

Many riots and protests took place across the United States as a result of the killing of George Floyd by a white police officer, demanding justice and equality for the African-American communities in the country. President Donald Trump’s response for the protests was unacceptable, and protesters were shot with tear gas and rubber bullets when they approached the White House. While a new fencing system have been installed around the White House to hold the protesters in their lane, President Trump is gifted with a beautiful view – a city-block long mural that spells out Black Lives Matter!

Muralists managed to get permission to paint the large Black Lives Matter display along the 16th Street NW, from the local Washington DC government. The large mural is directed straight to the Lafayette Park and the President’s home.

Black Lives Matter street mural

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The artists started painting on Friday, and are making remarkable progress with the painting. To make this action even more significant, Muriel Bowser, the Mayor of District of Columbia, officially renamed this part of the street as “Black Lives Matter Plaza.”


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‪The section of 16th street in front of the White House is now officially “Black Lives Matter Plaza”.‬

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On Thursday, a black fencing was installed around the White House complex on 17th Street NW, in addition to the 8-foot high fence that was erected around the Lafayette park, earlier this week. The large mural is bright-yellow colored, so it brings out a stark contrast to the black fences.

White house

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Thanks to the unrest prevailing in America’s capital, the White House is now protected by approximately 2 miles of fencing. The protests were powerful enough to send the President in to an underground bunker for some time, and also make him deploy the military violently against citizens by showering peaceful protesters with fire.

George Floyd Protests

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