Rynan Reynolds’ Ransom Helps Woman Recover Irreplaceable Teddy Bear

Rynan Reynolds' Ransom Helps Woman Recover Irreplaceable Teddy BearSomethings in life are irreplaceable. They hold special memories and their emotional value far exceeds their monetary value. When Mara Soriano lost something that is priceless to her and her only, Ryan Reynolds’ promised a bounty that helped locate it!

When Mara was in the process of moving from one apartment to another with her fiance , she got an urgent call that her friend was had met an accident while biking over to help her. The distressed Mara had left all her bags as they were with the uHaul truck she had hired. But after all is done with her friend , who is thankfully alright, she realized that she was missing a bag. And in this bag, Mara had what was the most important thing to her, the teddy bear gifted by her late mom!

The Teddy Bear, which was a build a bear, had a voice recording in which Mara’s mom, who had passed away after a long and arduous battle with cancer, had said that she loves Mara and will always be with her. And as you can imagine, this was an unbearable loss to Mara. She had asked ,or to phrase it  better ,pleaded in twitter for someone to return it . Mara had also given an interview on the matter.


This is when one of the most popular and loved people in the planet, Ryan Reynolds stepped in.

He headed the search by tweeting on July 26th that he will give $5000 to anyone who returns the bear! And to put the icing on the cake, he promised unlimited amount of Gin to the finder! So began the online search for the bear!

Three days later, the bear is finally found! Two good people returned after recovering the teddy from the thief.


Reynold, who has donated and worked for many causes including SickKids , BlackLivesMatter and for Corona Virus relief, was very happy and had tweeted that his hometown Vancouver is awesome. And the entire online community had celebrated alongside him for the return of the bear!