The USA started the testing on a human for the Covid 19 virus

Covid 19 outbreak is the most exciting event that is happening now. The main problem is, until now, there is not a permanent vaccine or any other method to stop this had not found out. Because of that day, the number of infected persons is increasing. And the number of deaths is also increasing. All of the people are willing to see the destruction of the above virus, but the permanent method is not there. Now the disease has been transferred to many countries, including South Korea. That is a major commercial country. However, from the USA, the above news was reported if they have found out a permanent cure method. That is the luck of everyone. 


coronavirus is a very dangerous virus which is stared from china

 According to the reported details, there are about 80,000 infected people in the world. There are about 2700 deaths also reported. The above virus has a threat to spread in the USA too. Therefore they started the testing. That is a type of drug testing. Actually, that is an antiviral drug. From the above testing, they will find out if that suits a patient’s body, and it is safe. The tests of diagnosing methods started at the University of Nebraska. We all wish for them to find a permanent diagnosing method for such a disease. 

Do you know the first participant for the above test? He is patient. You have heard about the Diamond Princess cruise ship. He is an American citizen who has been infected there. Then after that, on the 25th of February, the USA even warned about the spread of the above viral infection. Until now, there are 60 infected people. The doctors predict the amount will grow so soon. That is why they have warned. 

USA and China

Corona is a very deathly virus in 2019 and 2020

The USA top infectious disease doctor said that there would be a mortality rate similar in China that can be seen in the USA too. Then after that, they calculated the rate of fatality. That is about 2%. That is much higher than influenza also. Because influenza has a rate of 0.1%, but that is smaller than the rate of SARS and the respiratory syndrome of the Middle East.

The drug testing is not a new test for the USA. Because previously, it was tested for two diseases. They are the MERS and SARS. That is for animals. But for Ebola, they have tested humans. 

corona virus

corona virus

In the following, there are reported details of the USA treatments. You can see how are they going?? There are participants for the above treatments. Each group of people will receive 200 mg of the redeliver. After that, if they are % hospitalized for ten days, they will receive another portion of 100 mg.

Diamond Princess Ship

Now Diamond Princess Ship is fully quarantined by authorities

In the above, I told you there are 60 cases reported under the coronavirus. Out of 60, 42 are from the passengers of the Diamond Princess ship. And there are 15 others who are infected. They visited the Wuhan region recently. That is why they are infected. 

We all wish that the above all people will cure so soon. And scientists and doctors are capable of finding a permanent medication for the diagnosis of this permanently.