Return Of Bullfights To Spain Creates Widespread Dissent

Return Of Bullfights Create Widespread Dissent.

The bloodsport of bullfighting, though banned in several countries including Cuba, Denmark, Argentina, Canada, Italy and the United Kingdom, still continues in Spain and in a few more countries. But there was some hope that this cruel , inhumane sport would finally face its demise after being shut-down during the widespread pandemic. But the hope seems to be in vain.

When annual events of this gruesome sport were canceled due to the pandemic and the following lockdown, there was a huge clamor to schedule a bullfight by the lobby stating that fans were waiting for it. But when scheduled, the event became a dramatic and a massive failure with barely any people in the stands.


While this is a dramatic example of the country’s disinterest in bullfights, studies from years ago show that people, especially the youth, are not interested in bullfights¬† anymore. But what is really sad is the horrific video footage released by the campaign groups who are actively fighting against this in Spain, Animal Guardians and La Tortura No Es Cultura (Torture Is Not Culture).


This footage shows a bull speared by the sword in is back as it lays slowly dying due to this gruesome sport. This footage has caused much outrage among the campaigning groups and the populace as this sport is a government funded one!

Surveys conducted by Forbes show that less than 45% of Spaniards actually had a bare minimum of interest in bullfighting and less than 8% of the populace had even attended a bullfighting event in 2018, the year in which bullfighting events were the lowest in history. But, the officials of the Bullfighting lobby are keen to revive it and are actually requesting more funds for it. However, most of the people of Spain and the activist groups are firmly against this as it is a waste of taxes in these trying times.


Hopefully, with the pandemic, this slaughter of innocent animals under the name of sport will die down too!