Coronavirus Pandemic Affecting Sports- What Sports Events are Cancelled?

Just like for many of the sectors, Coronavirus pandemic has been affecting Sports around the world. In concern of the virus spread across the globe, almost all of the Sports events are shift from its dates and decide on having later.

Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus pandemic has created a prevailing situation in the world which has killed over 90,000people globally as of today, infecting more than 1.49 million people. And if we take a look at the scenario of sports, it has affected almost all Sports events globally. So almost all the major sports events are postponed or canceled. The most notable event of all is the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

As to the International Olympic Committee and Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the event has postponed to the next year (July 23 to August 8, 2021).

Coronavirus Pandemic vs Sports Events


The CONCACAF Nations League Finals were scheduled this year June 4 – June 7  to take place in Houston and Dallas of Texas. The teams are Costa Rica, Mexico, Honduras, and the United States. With no dates announced, the finals have put for a later date. And yet, the place is a decision pending to take.

Until April 10th Football in Russia has been suspended. Even though the Russian league was the best-attended sports competition with many fans around. However, with Coronavirus Pandemic Russian Football Union, has decided to suspend all competitions as the best decision to keep social distancing.

UEFA has confirmed the closing of Champions League and Europa League matches with no notice of further dates. Just like that, Coronavirus Pandemic has affected Football just like all other aspects globally.

Olympic Games

Coronavirus Pandemic

The Olympics is all that sport lovers wait for. But the International Olympic Committee and Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe have closed up the Tokyo 2020 Olympics thinking of a day in the future.

As to the decision, the event will begin from 23rd July and will continue to August 8, in the year 2021. At the same time, selection tournaments for the Olympics have too postponed for various dates in the future.


In Oregon, August 2021, the World Athletics Championships were scheduled. But with the Coronavirus pandemic spreading all over the world, it has decided to take place in July 2022. This is specially not to clash with the Olympic Games.

Along with that, the World Athletics Indoor Championships also has changed its plans. It was due in the middle of March has been postponed to 2021 with no dates confirmed.


The men’s Cricket World Cup Challenge League is to begin on March 16 in Malaysia. Due to the prevailing conditions globally, it has now announced postponed.

Coronavirus Pandemic

And as to the Pakistan Cricket Board, the team has played Pakistan Super League matches with no fans/ spectators. This has taken place in Karachi. Together England’s test series in Sri Lanka with two matches has postponed which was to take place in the middle of March.

Just like the above Sports events, all of the scheduled events under Rugby, Badminton, Sumo, Wrestling, Winter sports, Cycling, Racing and all have canceled or announced for future days. And for some, we do not have any dates set out yet. So we are all at an uncertainty due to the Coronavirus Pandemic spreading all over the world. Until then, stay away from the Sports events with your favorite memories of Sports.