How do you know when you get Coronavirus?

How do you know when you get Coronavirus

COVID-19 or Coronavirus Symptoms are widely varied. And as notice how the Pandemic influences the countries globally, some say that many people may already have had the coronavirus without a positive diagnosis. Is this possible? Then, how do you know when you get Coronavirus? How it is possible in finding out you are possible in the Coronavirus test? What are the symptoms that you should concern well about getting into medical inspections? Here we are bringing answers to some of the common questions about, including Coronavirus tips, precautions and some more.

It should start with Stay Home, save lives. This is how you can help to stop Coronavirus.

Dos and Don’ts during this Coronavirus pandemic

Prevention is always better than cure. And there is no vaccine to prevent COVID-19 at this stage even we hear that a lot of experiments are going across the world.


  • Wash your hands every time possible using soap or alcohol-based hand rub for at least taking 20 seconds
  • When you cough or sneeze, cover your nose and mouth with disposable tissue. If not, cover with a flexed elbow (make sure you dispose of the tissue separately)
  • Keep social distancing at least by 1-2 meter or 3 feet with people, especially distance yourself from those who are
  • unwell (showing symptoms of cough, cold, fever, etc)
  • If you feel unwell, stay home and isolate yourself from others in the household


  •  If your hands are not clean, touch your eyes, nose, or mouth
  • Touch your face so often

What are the main Coronavirus Symptoms?

Symptoms of Coronavirus varied. The most common symptoms of Coronavirus are fever, tiredness, cough, shortness of breath, breathing difficulties and also nasal congestion. And for some, a loss of appetite and smell is also a symptom of COVID-19. Also, if you have muscle pain, runny nose, sore throat, you should consider it. But if the infection is severe, it could develop pneumonia, severe respiratory difficulties, and even death. The scary fact is, people from nearly half of the reported cases have not come up with major symptoms as to a study by Iceland. So this is one way the Coronavirus comes in a speedy run all over the world. And if someone catches the infection, it would appear in 2-14 days. Always check updated from the World Health Organization and be well-educated about the sickness, symptoms and more.

How do you know when you get Coronavirus

How do you know when you get Coronavirus?

If you have any of the symptoms above mentioned, take medical care at an early stage, stay isolated from others and follow the medical advice provided. But if you develop the symptoms to a severe state, seek medical advice immediately as these could lead to respiratory infection or other serious conditions. What is important is to go with the medical advice by the local health authorities.

Note: If you have visited any area with COVID-19 cases recently, stay home without going out or having contact with others. Follow social distancing guidelines and concerns whether any of the symptoms develop. If so, get medical care contacting the nearest station. This would prevent the spread of COVID-19 which is exactly what countries expect from nationwide LOCKDOWNS.

Is there any way to check someone who has had Coronavirus in the past?

As to Dr. William Hillmann reported on reliable web sources, there is no test to check for anyone’s past medical state related to Coronavirus. Even there are tests under progress as antibody tests to know about prior infections, they are not yet ready for clinical use even at this stage. So the only way to know Coronavirus positive state is when it is in your body.

About incubation period of Coronavirus

The incubation period means catching the virus in the body and start showing up the symptoms. If it is stated in days, we could say like 1 to 14 days. But remember there is also a percentage of asymptomatic where no symptom is appeared but proven positive in Coronavirus. As to a study of Iceland, there are nearly 50% of cases reported with the asymptomatic state.

Are you feeling like you have some mild symptoms, but not certain, what to do then?

We all have responsibilities towards the wellbeing of the community, the world. So be a role model. What should be done is doing social distancing with the right guidelines. And if you find any severe conditions, make sure you take medical care. What should you do at this moment is to respect social distancing and maintaining hand hygiene. Use a mask whenever you expose outside but keep the distance.

How do you know when you get Coronavirus

Is there any chance to get Positive in Coronavirus for the second time?

There is no strong evidence on getting Coronavirus for the second time when someone is cured and quarantined. But in China, we find some cases about people getting the virus infection more than once. Putting ideas on this some scientists say, this could be an issue with the inaccuracy of the testing but not about getting COVID-19 for more than one-time. Apart from China, there is no evidence about this fact. But it is up to you to respect the laws.

The ongoing nature of Coronavirus Outbreak is totally unprecedented. Then, how do you know when you get Coronavirus? Hope you have important information about the global pandemic and clear about what to do and how do you know when you get Coronavirus.  So the message is STAY HOME AND PREVENT SPREAD OF CORONAVIRUS!