10 Out Of the Box Smartphone Trends in 2020

10 Out Of the Box Smartphone Trends in 2020

With constant innovation in technology, smartphones are also evolving every day. A new mobile phone is launched with updated features and some exciting updates that make it distinguishable from its prequel. Newer versions have longer battery life, higher resolution in camera lenses, proper storage, etc. The companies also look forward to making some improvisations in their new launches to make it differentiate from others. 2019 has multiple variations, irrespective of the companies, be it One Plus, or iPhone.

Last year was happening in respect to smartphone launches and we expect to see more fierce competition between the market players in 2020. Hence, we discuss some features of smartphones that you can look for in 2020 while replacing your old one. Brands are going to bring in a lot of innovations in both innovation and design.

Fast Charging Batteries – Bigger and heavier batteries make the phone bulky. People don’t​ like to use heavy phones, although they want good battery life that would last longer and require less charge. Keeping this mind, technology has found an alternative by fast charging. With rapid charging batteries you will not have to wait for long to charge your phone completely. Though fast charging was already present in smartphones of almost all brands, in 2019 it was introduced in several smartphone options, including Realme, Huawei, etc. This feature can charge a phone from 0 to 100 in less than 40 minutes.

High refresh rate screens – High refresh rate delivers a smooth user experience, and​ Oneplus made it a point to highlight this fact. Till now, the majority of the smartphones available in the market were working at 60Hz refresh rates, and a few gaming phones available were working, delivering a higher refresh rate. This trend was changed by One Plus in 2019, and Realme paved the path by delivering a refresh rate of 90 Hz. Refresh rates are experienced most probably in gaming. Companies are working to provide higher refresh rate experiences with the start of this decade.

More Rear Camera Lenses – People not only need camera lenses with higher resolution,​ but they also want more lenses on a smartphone. Smartphones already possess dual front cameras and quad rear cameras, but it is expected that 2020 will bring more. Nokia has recently launched a new phone with 5 rear cameras, and companies will surely look forward to picking this feature. Phones will soon have 5-6 rear cameras. Different types of sensors are features in different lenses to make pictures better. Hence, look for a phone with more rear cameras.

More polycarbonate – Though customers love the feel of high-design phones that are​ manufactured using glass panels, spending money to get them repaired is a real pain. Companies have realized that plastic is easy to work with and is also cheaper than glass. Many people refer to the size of the phone without a case. So, look for metal phones in 2020.

Processor – It is one of the essential components that need to be checked while​ buying a smartphone. Make sure that you choose a processor that fits your needs perfectly and suits your requirements. Mid-range chips work for people who need a smartphone for basic needs like calls, messages, internet surfing, etc. Whereas, flagship processors are required if you want to play big and demanding games or want a multitasking device.

Software – Google has already rolled out Android 10 this year, and several smartphones already pick the version. Devices that run on Android 10 are already hitting the market. So, if you are planning to buy a smartphone in 2020, look for the one that runs on Android 10. However, if you are looking for a slightly older device for some reason, then you should at least go for a smartphone that runs on Android 9 and not beyond.

10 Out Of the Box Smartphone Trends in 2020

Final Thoughts

There are several other things that you should look for while you buy a smartphone. The options available in your budget, its build, if it fits your hand perfectly, etc. However, it is always recommended that you should not go for an option that is older than one year. Technology is evolving rapidly, and long lost are smartphone models that were launched more than a year ago. Newer ones are expected to move away from the traditional ones, and people want to go for a smartphone with a beyond simple design.







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