These Sunglasses Make The Screens Appear Black

These Sunglasses Make The Screens Appear Black

In this technological era, most people are addicted to either TV, phones, or computers. Such habits are not only time-wasting, but very unhealthy to the eyes. May the addiction be watching movies, scrolling through social media or playing video games, it’s always a screen we’re looking at. It’s very difficult to overcome this strong temptation, and these new sunglasses that block screens might be the ultimate solution for it.

‘They Live’, a cult movie by John Carpenter which was released in 1988, featured super-powered sunglasses that blocked ads. These newly invented glasses do the same, but with screens. All LED and LCD screens appear completely dark to the wearer of these sunglasses. They do this by using optics that are horizontally polarized, as it makes the screens appear switched off. When the polarized lens is flattened and rotated 90 degrees, it blocks the light that the screen emits, making the screens appear black.

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While this product is revolutionary, it’s still in the developing stages. At present, it doesn’t work with digital billboards and OLED smartphones. However, it does work on most of the TVs, computers, older smartphones and tablets. There’s a high chance that with the future updates on this device, it will definitely work on a greater variety of screens.

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This product was inspired by a magazine article about screen-blocking polariser films. Soon after coming across the article, Scott, the head of product, already made a rough mock-up of this new technology. In about six months, the idea was solidified, and production began. The first few pairs were ready after multiple prototypes. The company has received investments from some large companies, so there’re no funding issues to start the mass-production of glasses that can block all sorts of screens.

Back then, communication between people played a major role when exchanging information. However, with the rapid development of technology, people stay glued to their devices while ignoring their surrounding. While using technology for our benefit, we should also learn to limit the use of it. Therefore, these glasses might be the first step towards restoring the distanced human relationships.

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