Xiaomi black shark 3 design was exposed

 For gamers, this is good news. Because they patiently waited until the reveal of this one. This is a gaming smartphone. That is Xiaomi’s Black Shark 3. Also, the design of this smartphone is even hidden until now. The team of technicians said they would reveal it on the 3rd of March this year. But they exposed it on the 25th of February in the same year. We don’t know the reason for that. However, people know its design. We will see what the specifications are, and also, the specialties are through the following paragraphs. Shall we move to see it???? 

New Display is only for gaming

This is not black shark 3. this is 2-year-old black shark 1

After disclosing the details of Xiaomi shark 3, the producers started the pre-registration, too, as well as that they have released teasers. There are two teasers. Actually, this is a compelling smartphone. Not only normal. As I told above, this is a gaming smartphone. This smartphone consists of a display of 90Hz. Also, it has a touch sampling rate of 270Hz too. There can be seen another specialty. There is the fastest touch polling in this smartphone. 

It allows a single finger touch delay of 24 min while multi-finger touch delay also can register within 28 min. What is the use of the above two? They are essential to minimize the lag in the input. From that, they can ensure the fluent of the above smartphone. From all those qualities, you can experience an extensive gaming experience. 

Headphone Jack?

This is not black shark 3. this is 2-year-old black shark 1

I think you have seen the design. However, I’ll tell you other essential details too. Have you seen the front of the handset?? That is not very much different. The above black shark 3 is also similar to its predecessor. There are not many qualities different from it. There is a 3.5 mm Audio jack for the above handset. That is placed at the top gaming smartphone. There is another one here. That is the front-facing loudspeakers. There are two of them. 

The standard top bezel is unforgettable. Especially for only the camera in front. This above gaming smartphone shows many similarities with the 2020 smartphone. It features an LED illuminated logo. This is with the LED accents. Also, that seems to be the application of the aluminum and glass to the rear panel of the black shark 3. 

120HZ display mode

This is a new and upcoming black shark 3.

These are some essential facts that revealed the black shark three gaming experience. The specialty is, all those features developed for the support of the above gaming smartphone. Then we will see some other exceptional features of the above smartphone. The Qualcomm ‘s powerful snapdragon 865 is included here. Other than that, there is a QHD+ display mode there. The above display model has a 120Hz refresh rate.this is like a Samsung galaxy s20 series.

Battery and charging

The following is a rumor. But that is not disclosed yet. They say that there is a battery with a 5000mAH. According to them, the above black shark 3 has a fast-charging facility that is capabblack shark 3le of 65W. 



In the above, I told you that there were two teasers released recently. From those two, one of these teasers told us the above features. New details will be released in the future because there are only a few of them. As you water so far, you have to wait some more time. With the black shark, 3 feel the ultimate experience of gaming. Click here for more info.