‘Trader Joe’s Karen’ Creates A Scene After Being Told To Wear A Mask

'Trader Joe's Karen' Creates A Scene After Being Told To Wear A Mask

In the light of the prevailing risk of the COVID-19 pandemic, almost all the public places require visitors to wear a mask. However, there were so many videos of people being irresponsible and not being health-conscious. Some even went to the extremes of passing fake face mask exemption cards to avoid wearing them. Read through this story of a woman who refused to put on a face mask at a grocery store, and tried to shame the other customers for calling her out.

This ruckus was reported from a Trader Joe’s store in San Francisco valley, when a woman who arrived at the store wearing a mask, took it off during shopping. Then, people approached her and told her to put on a mask. But, she refused, creating a heated scene.

In one video, the person who recorded the scene states: “This is the opening day of Trader Joe’s in North Hollywood. This is Karen.” The woman is then heard throwing her basket and cursing at other customers.

In another video, she states that she has a breathing problem, and that her doctor advised her not to wear a mask. She also says that due to this reason, anyone who’s forcing her to wear a mask are violating the federal law. Following the freak out, the woman was ordered to leave the store by managers, and she left.

As expected, the incident gained the attention of social media users in no time. Many users criticized her reckless behavior and her hilarious excuses for not wearing a mask in public.

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