Firm Vs. Soft Mattress: What’s Right For Your Good Night’s Sleep?

A good night’s sleep comes down to a good mattress, so choosing the right one for you is a significant decision. On average, we spend one-third of our lives on the bed in a mattress. So an unsatisfactory sleep pattern affects the rest of our lives too. Health experts consistently emphasize that getting good quality and restful sleep is essential for general health and well-being. 

Firm Vs. Soft Mattress: What’s Right For Your Good Night's Sleep

As there are many mattress options nowadays, deciding which is right can be trickier than ever.  One of the toughest decisions you make, when buying a mattress,  is choosing between a firm and a soft mattress that fits your needs. This article will guide you on how you should choose between firm and soft mattresses. 

Choosing between a soft and a firm mattress comes down to four main factors such as; sleeping positions, pre-existing medical conditions, and personal sleeping preferences. Our guide will consider these factors to recommend what type of mattress you should be choosing. 

Who Should Choose Firm Mattresses?

  • Stomach Sleepers – If you’re a person who sleeps on your stomach, then you’re likely to want a mattress that will offer enough support across the entire body, especially the hips. For stomach sleepers, a firm mattress provides adequate support for the hips and keeps the spine in proper alignment 
  •  Back Sleepers – Although many back sleepers prefer a medium-firmness mattress, some also find a firm mattress a good match for their sleeping position. As long as the firmness allows the hips to sink a little bit, a firm mattress upgrades the comfort levels for back sleepers. 
  • Heavy People –  People who are heavy, require more support than a soft mattress, mainly to handle their weight and aid healthy sleeping positions. So a firm mattress will be more apt for you if you fall into this category. 
  • People With Mobility Issues – A firm mattress is ideal if you have trouble moving around while sleeping because of an injury or other health problems. A firm mattress naturally makes it easier for you to change positions while sleeping, and get in and out of bed without feeling like you’re stuck
  • People Who Prefer A Dense Mattress Base  – This comes down to personal preference. If you don’t like to sink too far to the mattress when sleeping, and want to stay atop of the mattress, then a firm mattress is the best choice. 

Who Should Choose Soft Mattresses?

  • Side Sleepers – If you’re a side sleeper, then a soft mattress relieves any pressure that’s building up on your shoulders and hips while you sleep. Soft mattresses generally feature exceptional pressure relief properties and can be a good choice if you’re a side sleeper. 
  • People With Pain Issues – If you experience chronic hip and back pain, or joint problems, a soft foam mattress, can reduce and alleviate the pain felt in these areas. Soft mattress cushions into sensitive areas better,  and won’t force the body into uncomfortable sleep positions. A  firmer mattress can sometimes cause pain and pressure to build up on the body curves. With a soft mattress, this is less likely to happen.
  • Those Who Prefer A Less Dense Mattress Base – A soft mattress is less dense and will let you to sink into the mattress. It gives you a cushion-like, light and plushy feel while you sleep. So if you prefer to sleep” In” the mattress with a cozy feel, then a soft mattress is the best option to opt for. 
  • Couples –  Soft mattresses made of memory foam, handles motion transfer better than firm mattresses can. So when you move on a soft mattress, there are fewer chances of disturbing your sleeping partner.
  • Lightweight People – If you’re a lightweight person, a firm mattress can exert tension near the pressure points while you sleep. This causes pain and stiffness, making it difficult to get a deeper- comfortable sleep. So for lightweight people, a soft mattress that quickly responds to the body weight for adequate contouring is healthy and comfortable. 

 Firm Vs. Soft Mattress: What’s Right For Your Good Night's Sleep?

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