How To Deal With Male-Pattern Baldness

Androgenetic alopecia affects both men and women. But it’s more prevalent in males. Currently, 50 million males exhibit male pattern baldness in comparison to 30 million females.

It’s stressful to notice that you are going bald over time. You are used to a certain image, and slowly losing hair can affect your self-esteem. Will your peers and family members make fun of “the new you.”

 Deal With Male-Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness isn’t a disease per se. It is just an indicator of higher levels of DHT in your body. Dealing with hair loss isn’t hard, so don’t sweat over the hair loss too much.

Here’s what you can do when you notice you are losing hair.

1. Try Using Shampoos with Ketoconazole to Remedy Male Pattern Baldness

There are a lot of products out there that claim to have DHT-blocking properties. Most of the ingredients in these products have not been researched to establish their efficacy. Ketoconazole doesn’t suffer from this deficiency.

Ketoconazole contains anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal ingredients. These ingredients can boost hair regrowth for people dealing with hair loss. What’s more, research supports the effectiveness of the properties of Ketoconazole.

2. Products With Saw Palmetto do the Trick

Berries from the Southeastern United States are famous due to their saw palmetto properties. These extracts have a modest ability to promote hair regrowth. They achieve this by unclogging hair follicles to boost hair growth.

You should go for products with saw palmetto when you have mild hair loss. Shampoos with saw palmetto assist your hair to thicken. Further, saw palmetto lowers the DHT levels in the body.

3. Try Scalp Micropigmentation

Ever heard of someone going for microblading to get full brows? There’s a similar procedure if you’ve got scalp that’s losing hair. That’s the scalp micropigmentation (SMP) procedure; it gives the illusion of fuller hair.

Specialists use an electric tattoo device for the procedure. The goal is to make hair-like lines on your scalp that will create the look of a shadow. The procedure can create a little discomfort, but it’s something that you can manage.

 Deal With Male-Pattern Baldness

4. Apply Minoxidil

Applying minoxidil directly to the scalp has impressive benefits. Minoxidil is an antihypertensive drug that averts hair loss from progressing. It also encourages the hair to regrow by activating potassium pathways in the body.

Companies market this drug under various names. Regaine is a well-known marketer of this product. They have minoxidil in a foam format that is popular in the market.

You’ll find this drug in 4% and 5% formulations from most sellers. In the first few weeks of using minoxidil, you’ll experience some extra shedding. Don’t let that discourage you since 4 months later, you’ll be surprised by the regrowth.

 Deal With Male-Pattern Baldness

Stop the Hair Loss

Male pattern baldness is a common occurrence for males past their puberty. You shouldn’t be surprised when you first notice that you are going bald. Instead, rush quickly to mitigate further loss.

The earlier you remedy the situation, the better your chances of preventing hair loss. Consult specialists for the best results. Browse through for more articles like this.