Divorce Mediator Vs. Lawyer: What Are The Differences?

Getting a divorce is easily one of the most stressful life events you’ll ever go through. Taking steps to cope with the stress is important, but it’s also critical to do what you can to try to minimize your stress levels. One of the best ways to ensure a smoother divorce process is to enlist the help of a divorce mediator.

What are the differences between a divorce mediator vs. lawyer, though? Do you need both? Read for the answers to all of your questions!

Divorce Mediator Vs. Lawyer

What Is a Divorce Mediator?

A divorce mediator is a person who helps couples getting divorced make decisions about their divorce process. The mediator is not hired to represent either party, however. They are a neutral party who facilitates the discussion about things like division of property, child custody, and spousal support.

Unlike lawyers, there are not necessarily any educational standards that a mediator must meet in order to serve in that role. That said, mediators are frequently people with previous legal experience. Do some research on local mediators to get a feel for what their background is like.

What Is the Role of a Divorce Lawyer in a Mediation?

Many people choose to bring their divorce lawyers to mediation, and that’s for good reason. It’s easy to be swayed during a facilitated dialogue with your former spouse. A divorce lawyer can act as a sounding board for the arrangements that are proposed during a divorce.

If your divorce is particularly contentious, your divorce lawyer can even do all of the talking during the mediation. This is an especially important role when the mediator has both parties sitting in the same room. That said, there are occasions in which it is in the best interests of both parties for the parties to sit in different rooms and have the mediator move between rooms.

Can You Mediate a Divorce Without a Lawyer?

The short answer is that, yes, you can absolutely go through a divorce mediation without having a divorce lawyer. It is in your best interest, however, to get have a lawyer with you during your mediation.

Lawyers like those at Amicable Divorce are highly skilled at family law and the mediation process. Having a lawyer at your divorce mediation ensures that your interests are represented to the fullest extent. What you agree to at the mediation is ultimately your decision, but your lawyer can advise you on which steps to take and offers to make.

Are You Trying to Decide Between a Divorce Mediator vs. Lawyer?

Divorce Mediator Vs. Lawyer

When it comes to navigating divorce, hiring a divorce mediator is a great way to minimize your stress and ensure that both spouses’ interests are represented. Mediation also gives you more control over the outcome of your divorce. If you’re trying to decide between a divorce mediator vs. lawyer, it’s always important to remember that you can have both!

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