The Only Wedding Checklist That You’ll Ever Need For Your Big Day

Did you know that there are over 1 million marriages in the United States? If you are a newly engaged couple – congrats! Now it’s time to start planning your wedding day to ensure you have your perfect dream wedding.

We have put together this wedding checklist to ensure that you don’t miss any details during your planning. Read on to learn more.

Wedding Checklist


One of the first things you want to do is decide how much you want to spend. Before you start going through the rest of our checklist, we highly recommend sitting down with your partner and figuring out what your budget is, if you two are going to pay for the wedding.

If your parents are paying, then you need to sit down with them and make sure you’re on the same page as far as how much you can spend. This will make things easier when deciding on details such as the food, venue, pictures, outfits, etc.


When you are looking for the best wedding venue to accommodate your guests and make your wedding vision come to life, start visiting potential venues as soon as possible. Create a list of venues that you like and make appointments so that you can see them.

Usually, you need to start the scouting process for a venue at least a year in advance. Keep in mind things such as the size of the venue, location, ambience, esthetic, etc. Also, if you prefer something all-inclusive, make sure you double-check what exactly would be included in the price.


If your venue doesn’t offer catering, then you will need to search for caterers near your venue. Making sure your food will taste good is a must to ensure that your wedding day is a success. It is best to find caterers that offer taste testing so that you can not only taste their food, but also see their presentation of the food.

Your caterer should offer options such as traditional sit down dinners or buffet. Also, see if they offer an hors d’oeuvres package.

Wedding Officiant

In order to get married legally, you will have to file a marriage license, which has to be signed and mailed by the officiant that marries you. If you are part of a church, you can ask if there is someone available to officiate your marriage. If not, you can ask friends and family if they know of anyone they can recommend.

Some couples even ask a friend if they are willing to become ordained so that they can officiate the ceremony. Keep in mind that around a month before your wedding, you will have to apply for a marriage license with your local county clerk’s office. The fee for the license will depend on where you live, and in some counties you need to make an appointment before showing up.

There are a few states that require a couple to get a blood test in order to get their marriage license. If you live in one of these states, make sure that you are well aware of how long in anticipation you have to apply for your license.

Speak With a Counselor

The common person does not want to get married to end up filing for divorce in the future. This is why we highly recommend searching for “marriage counseling near me.” A counselor can help your communication become stronger before you say, “I Do.”

This is a great way to start a marriage because you can speak about things such as finances, boundaries, trust issues, etc. Speaking with a counselor that is experienced with helping couples is going to diminish your chances of getting divorced in the future.


Trying on wedding dresses or suits is always fun, but you don’t want to leave this for the last minute. Especially if you are dress shopping, because more than likely you will need to order your dress from the manufacturer, and that can take months.

Plus, alterations will also take some time whether you are wearing a dress or a suit. You want to take your time choosing the perfect attire for your wedding day, so make sure you shop early.


If you plan on exchanging rings during your ceremony, then make sure you check out the best jewelry stores in your area. Go try rings on together and decide what you both love. Stay true to your style and again do not leave this for last minute in case your rings need adjustments.

You can also choose to have them engraved with your wedding day inside the band before your big day.

Photographer and Videographer

Your photographer and videographer can make or break your wedding memories. Take the time to look at their portfolios to see if you like their style. Also, ask if they are willing to take the type of photography you want.

For example, you can choose from candid shots, traditional styled shots, or a combination of both. It is really important that you convey exactly what you want them to capture that day to avoid any disappointment when you receive your final shots and video.

Wedding Checklist

Ready to Tackle This Wedding Checklist?

Now that you have our wedding checklist, you can start planning the best wedding of your dreams. Getting married is a beautiful expression of love, and there is no reason you should feel overwhelmed coming up with your dream day.

Did our checklist help you out today? Please continue browsing this section for our latest tips and tricks.