100-Year-Old Lady Cried Tears of Joy with the Birthday Cake Surprise from Garbage Collectors

100-Year-Old Lady Cried Tears of Joy with the Birthday Cake Surprise from Garbage Collectors

On the 100th year birthday, this lady received the sweetest birthday surprise ever. And this is from the garbage collector friend who made her day extra special.

This has been going around the world from one heart to another melting all hearts through a video. The garbage collector, Ben Bird is the hero here walking up in the garden path with a beautiful white and pink birthday cake in hand.

Dorothy Ballard, the lucky lady turns 100 was very happy about this and flown with love by seeing this beautiful cake. She is called “Mercy” by family and friends for all her love.

For over 8 years Ben had been collecting garbage from Mercy’s house. Through his continuous visits by weeks, the two settled being great friends. Every Thursday, they take about ten minutes to talk. From 8:00 to 8:10, this is the time of Ben’s visits as of his work. Although it seems very little conversation in concern to time, it repeats on every day that became stronger. They talk about family to technology topics. In fact, they were on uncountable no of topics.

Ben has made a promise to Mercy that when she reaches 100 years old, he would show up at her doorstep. Not alone but with a beautiful cake in hand. So making that true, he made the promise with a beautiful on the right day. Also engaging two of his friends to the plan.

The video has been going viral around the world as Mercy’s second-oldest granddaughter; Katy Smith has made a clip and shared it. And Ben here is seen walking up her garden path with a cake. When she comes to the door, they started to sing happy birthday, Mercy is seen hiding her face in happy hears. She is been deeply warmed and surprised!

Then when she blew out the candles, Ben requested her to make a wish, telling that it be living to be 105 too for an even bigger surprise.

Katy is grateful to friends and neighbors especially Ben, for taking his time and made her Grandmother’s special day extra special.

Watch the video and see how touching it is about how Mercy received her big-day surprise!