He was hired to take Patients to their Rooms but see what is Recorded on Cameras

Lindon Beckford came to the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston as a patient transporter. But you know what, he is also a wonderful singer.

For over 30 years he has been doing the job. And during his time on the job he has sung to many of his patients to ease their pain and fear in facing any medical condition. So he loved his job spending with different people in different conditions. And with time he came to know he was filmed by hospital cameras. This was found a kind, and great work even they come unplanned performances.

patient transporter sings

What Lindon desired is spreading joy at the hospital where he offers his service. When he is asked to transports patients just come out of the operation room, he wants them to be relaxed and happy. So he changes the mood of the patient by singing to her or him.

Even being transferred back to another room is something makes a patient so stressed as he has realized over the years. So what Lindon wants is to help. He always tried to do his best on duty while making his patients extra cared for and happy. He usually starts telling patients his name and he will be the “chauffeur” carrying them safely to the room.

patient transporter sings

Lindon clearly knows patients love hearing songs from him as they were being carried from one to another place. And by today, Lindon accepts the requests of many and they too sing along with him enjoying the ride.

patient transporter sings

What he expects from singing is to make patients more ease. And when they hear something great that they did not expect when they get ready to get an operation or something done, that brings the greatest joy ever. Lindon knows the value of taking their mind off from stress and fear. So these cheers by Lindon bring so much them making them happy and comfortable.


What do you think about all that Lindon do? Did he touch your heart too?