The 5 Types Of Love Languages: Are You Compatible?

If you’re among the 69% of partnered Americans, you might think your relationship is doing fine. But can you identify what your partner values most from you as an expression of love? And, in the same vein, can you name what you want most from your partner?

Don’t spend too much time wondering. Instead, read on to learn about the 5 types of love languages!

Types Of Love Languages

  1. Quality Time

Are you spending too much time after dinner doing work you should have left at the office or hanging out with friends? If your partner puts a premium on quality time with you, this is a recipe for failure. A partner who values time together needs to know that you’re blocking out time for shared experiences with them.

Schedule a weekly date night. Plan a long weekend getaway. And follow up with them to ensure they’re getting enough one-on-one time with you.

  1. Words of Affirmation

Sometimes a simple gesture, like saying thank you, can go a long way toward making your partner feel loved. If your spouse cooks dinner unexpectedly and values words of affirmation, make a point of thanking them. They’ll thrive on an explicit acknowledgment that their efforts made a difference.

People who value words of affirmation don’t require that their partner is a wordsmith. Whether you’re verbalizing affirmation or writing it, just be sure to do it.

  1. Acts of Service

With this type of love language, actions speak louder than words. Picking up the kids or doing the laundry when your partner’s had a long day can be ways of showing your love.

Someone who values this expression of love will respond favorably to a partner who volunteers to take the dog out on a bitterly cold night. If your partner savors acts of service, find small and actionable ways to step in and make their day easier.

  1. Physical Touch

It’s critical to know what level of physical intimacy your partner prefers, whether at home or in public. Your partner might love holding hands or sharing kisses. And they might want a hug when they walk in after work.

  1. Receiving Gifts

Gifts don’t need to be elaborate diamond earrings or fancy trips abroad. Sometimes the simplest gestures can be the best ways to show that you’re thinking of someone. For a partner who values gifts, bring home flowers every so often or a cookie from their favorite bakery.

But sometimes even the best gifts can’t solve a broken relationship. Click for more information if you’re struggling. You might need legal help so you can move forward in a healthier relationship.

Learn About the Types of Love Languages

Types Of Love Languages

When you know about the different types of love languages, you’ll have the tools to strengthen your relationship. Ask your partner what expressions of love they value most and find ways to honor their preferences. When you can satisfy your partner’s needs, you’ll make them feel special — and more motivated to honor your preferred love language.

Find tips to keep your love life cruising. Check back soon for new articles!