George Floyd’s Six Year-Old-Daughter Speaks Out

George Floyd’s Six Year-Old-Daughter Speaks Out

The brutal death of George Floyd shocked the whole world, and made the world take a stand against racial discrimination, but none can compare to the grief, sorrow and pain of loss felt by his beloved family.

George Floyd’s Six Year-Old-Daughter Speaks OutGeorge Floyd’s wife Roxie Washington, and their daughter Gianna, recently opened up about George, the man known to the world as the “gentle giant”, in an exclusive interview with Good Morning America. The interview triggered the emotions of many people when Gianna said: “Kinda that I miss him”, when she was asked what she wanted to tell the world about her father.

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These simple yet strong words coming out from this little girl are so powerful, and will always remind the world about the extent of racism against African-Americans in the United States. The fact that her father was brutally taken away from her in front of the whole world, and that she would never have him back, will forever break our hearts. No child should ever experience this.


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Roxie Washington stated that she’s deeply heartbroken for her daughter because George was “truly a committed and wonderful father.” Roxie also revealed that George had gone to Minneapolis to find work as the family was financially struggling, and that he always did whatever it takes to provide the best for their daughter.


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George Floyd’s 6-year-old daughter speaks out about her dad for first time.

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The interview was extremely powerful as Roxie expressed how amazing George was as a father, and revealed that he stayed with her during the birth of Gianna. She continued: “I mean, that was his baby. He loved his little girl.”

Both Gianna and Roxie emphasized that George loved to play with his daughter, with Roxie saying “She didn’t have to play with nobody else, because Daddy was gonna play with her all day long.”

Roxie also spoke about learning the devastating news of her husband’s death for the first time, saying “I couldn’t believe that somebody was on him like that.” She revealed that she couldn’t watch the video footage for more than a moment, and wished she was there to help him.

The most heart-wrenching fact is that, Gianna still doesn’t know the reason for her father’s death. Roxie revealed that she doesn’t know how to explain it to her. All Gianna knows is that everyone is talking about her father, and that he has greatly impacted the whole world.

A new Instagram video where Gianna declares “Daddy changed the world!” while sitting on the shoulders of Stephen Jackson, former NBA star and George’s long-time friend, has touched the hearts of people across the globe. Stephen, who’s also grieving the loss of his friend, revealed that he plans to step in to help the family. He promised to always be there for the family in every milestone in their life. Although he is well aware that he will never be able to replace George, he said: “I’m going to walk her down the aisle. I’m going to be there for her. I’m going to be here to wipe your tears.”

On a separate press conference, Roxie said that she wants justice for him, because he was a good man. At one point, Gianna opened up about her ambitions, revealing that she aspires to become a doctor and help other people, and Roxie said that she is deeply heartbroken as George will never get to see her daughter living their dreams.

George’s death has erupted a collective movement against racism, not only in American but in many other countries as well. All of us should do our part to change this world for the better, so that people won’t be murdered for their melanin, and innocent little children won’t lose their family the way Gianna did.