Did Italians throw their money on the streets?

Italians throw their money on the streets

The pictures going viral on social media saying Italians are throwing all money on the streets realizing what values on money when life is all at risk. But is that true? Did Italians throw money on the streets? What is all truth about this?


We checked on the facts going viral on social media and found not real. In fact, the post featured the same images saying they are from Venezuela.

And with search for the fact, we found something similar posted on Mar 12th in year 2019, saying something different relating to Venezuela.

It can be stated as above. And as to the analysis by trusted sources, this has confirmed fake.

Through a closer look at all the facts, we found these currency on the streets are in Venezuela. And these are old currency which known as “Bolívar Fuerte”. And as to the further facts, these currency have replaced in August 2018, giving them new form of currency as “Bolivar Soberano”.

Italians throw their money on the streets

As with CNN confirmations, new ‘Bolivar Soberano currency is worth 100,000 old Bolivares currency. So what all these bring is, these pictures are not from Italy and anyway not related to the COVID-19 outbreak.