Paris’s Social Distancing Cinema Looks Like Star Wars Senate!

Social Distancing Cinema Looks Like The Senate!

The pandemic has forced us to think of all kinds of measures for social distancing and cinemas are no exception. The traditional cinema doesn’t allow you to maintain social distancing and in this age, that is simply unacceptable. So here comes the proud new design of Paris’s Oma Cinema. And you might just be transported to an entirely new movie set as you enjoy your films: The Star Wars Senate.

This innovative screen is still a concept art but fear not. This will give you an entirely new experience in watching your movies. And for a fan of Star Wars, the effect is immediate. You are definitely attending the galactic senate.

The cinema’s seating arrangements are novel in an entirely unsuspecting way. The circular pods with limited seating arrangements will be placed one above another in front of the screen. And the effect is that when you are having a conversation, you can feel like you are presenting to the galactic senate.

People are unable to see more than the Stars Wars appeal of Oma but it seems that the Parisian Cinema has much more to offer. There are a variety of facilities including table service, VIP boxes and VIP access to lounge and bar. And moreover, according to the website, there is exceptional visual and audio that will make the cinema stand out.

But, we will have to wait until next year to go to Oma and have an Intergalactic Cinema experience as the cinema is set to open in 2021.

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