Jackass Comes to Netflix Next month!

Jackass Comes to Netflix Next month!

You can watch this famous series of films without a hassle on Netflix starting from August. Though comedy films have come and gone, nothing can match Jackass for their sheer antics. From the first movie released in 2002, the kind of foolhardy adventures that the gang got into never ceases to make us laugh out loud.

Many other movies have tried to recreate the appeal but none succeeded. These movies have such stunts that border on insanity and yet balances it perfectly with great humor. In the first movie, one of the most memorable moments was when Steve-O decides to tightrope across an alligator cage. And in the second one, there was this stunt involving a snake, puppet and Chris Pontius that was just hilarious. These are often painful and humorous stunts that should never be tried again.

Netflix UK tweeted some of the movies that would be coming this August and Jackass had a wild response.

This is a timely return as the next Jackass movie will be premiering on 2021, where the release date was postponed from March to July by Paramount ,according to Deadline.


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Speaking to Loudwire, Steve-O said that this could be the commemoration of 20 years since Jackass aired of MTV.

And with the next Jackass coming in 2021, this is the prime time for you refresh your memories.