15 Actresses We Remember Being Old, But Looked Stunning When Young

15 Actresses We Remember Being Old, But Looked Stunning When They Were Young

Ageing is just another aspect of life which all the living organisms on earth will have to go through one day or the other. Though it’s just a number, age is a decisive factor that can determine success in the entertainment industry and many stars would spend a fortune to avoid or to at least delay the unavoidable. But these 20 actresses look sensational without any artificial efforts even in their 70’s. Can you even imagine how splendid they looked in their twenties?

There are plenty of actresses that began their career or hit the spotlight in their 60’s. As a matter of fact, almost all the movies include one or two aged characters that dexterously give the right advice at the right time to the main leads – like Dumbledore.

The external beauty vanishes just as soon as it appears and that’s the way of life – unless it’s not just skin deep. The exceptions are mostly found in the film industry. Here are 20 actresses in their 70’s with whom your grandparents would’ve fallen in love with. If you think that  they look gorgeous now, wait till you find out how stunning they looked when they were young.

#1 Glenn Close

#2 Jessica Lange

#3 Susan Saradon

#4 Kathy Bates

#5 Gloria Stuart

Ageing has its own kind of pleasures, which, though different, are not less than the pleasures of youth. Most importantly, it is not a predicament but a privilege and it doesn’t mean you have to abandon fashion and style.

#6 Diane Keaton

#7 Helen Mirren

#8 Goldie Hawn

#9 Barbra Streisand

#10 Meryl Streep

#11 Betty White

#12 Judi Dench

#13 Julie Andrews

#14 Charlotte Rampling

#15 Angela Lansbury