Samsung Starts Its Research On 6G!

Samsung explores 6G

Technology advances rapidly. But this is on a whole new level as Samsung starts on 6G while the world is still getting used to 5G, . While people are busy blaming 5G for everything starting from climatic change to your migraine, Samsung is busy developing 6G which is supposed to be in the market and running by 2028.

Samsung Research opened its Advanced Communications Research Center in 2019 when even the existence of 5G was a mystery to most of us. So it is safe to say that this highway track to 6G came as a surprise. The head of the center, Sunghyun Choi, said that most technologies take over 10 years to launch and run in the market, so the team has started research early on using the experience gathered from all other generations. So it is safe to say 6G will be the new normal  in the future. mobile

The company says that 6G will have a data rate of 1,000 GBPS, which sounds cool compared to the measly 100 MPBS we have now with 4G. So hopefully no more lagging problems by 2030 which is by when Samsung hopes to mass commercialize 6G.Samsung 6G

Samsung released this news in a paper on July 14th saying that 6G will bring a ”hyper-connected experience” with holograms and ”extended reality”.

Samsung also says that the main users will be both humans and machines, which to be honest, gives off a terminator vibe. With all that 5G is being blamed for, I can’t wait to see what 6G’s inception will cause.