16 Strangers That Randomly Met Their Doppelgangers

15 Strangers That Randomly Met Their Doppelgangers

What would it be like to meet a non-biologically related look-alike in real life? Would you consider yourself a psychic or the incident a coincidence? Believe it or not, it can be either. Finding their doppelgangers was surely a surprising as well as a shocking moment for these people. Here is a collection of people who accidentally met their doppelganger and didn’t miss the chance for a fun picture.  

Doppelganger” is a generic term used at present for the look-alikes, a person that you can stumble across in everyday life. Encountering your look-alike was regarded as an ill-omen throughout history, but now, it has become a moment of pride.

doppelganger phenomenon can be explained as Heautoscopy, the hallucination of seeing one’s own body at a distance which is a symptom of schizophrenia and epilepsy, or actually meeting an alive twin stranger.



My friend met his DOPPELGANGER last night from r/pics


My own doppelganger that I ran into at a music festival, plus a face-swap of the photo. The RHS photo is the original…I think. from r/pics


My friend also found his doppelgänger at a party



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The chances of the coincidence being harmless are of little possibility but not null. In one such unfortunate case, a person had to be imprisoned for 17 years until his doppelganger who shared a striking resemblance and even hazardously the same first name was found. As a result of a wrongful conviction based on eyewitness testimony, he was put behind bars and though he had persistently denied the charges, he wasn’t released until after his flawless doppelganger showed up.


My girlfriend met her Doppelganger


I met my twin brother from another mother at the bar. His name is Adam and he also like beer. from r/funny


My bf (left) met his doppelganger at IKEA last night


Met my doppelgänger and thought I’d share. We even had matching hair accessories. I’m on the left. from r/pics



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Several cases of people finding their doppelganger, or their twin strangerhave been reported on social media. The interest of people on finding their doppelganger has led to the creation of several websites and apps that uses facial recognition software to match an uploaded photo of a user with other users and find their doppelgangers. Some were lucky enough to find several twin strangers.




My friend found her doppelganger at a party


I was walking around a while back and met my doppleganger, we even have the same first name.



So my friend found his doppelgänger? from r/funny