The Benefits Of Getting An Australian Police Check Online

Police clearance in Australia is of great importance if an individual decides to work or volunteer in the country. A national police check is one great way to decrease hiring risks, and it is not surprising that Human Resource professionals consider it an integral part of the recruitment process.

Over the years, getting a national police clearance was cumbersome, and it took several weeks to process. Nowadays, a police check online is possible, and it comes with several benefits.

Benefits of an Australian Police Check Online

  • It saves time: The 100% online process ensures that you longer have to queue up to verify documents. The process only takes minutes to be completed, and results come much earlier than with the paper system.
  • Real-time updates: Track and monitor the progress of your police check online. Unlike the paper system where an individual is not quite sure of the progress, an online police clearance gives updates regarding your results. An instant SMS notification lets you know the results are in your mail.
  • No restrictions: One can complete a police clearance from anywhere at the comfort of your home. The only requirements are a PC or mobile phone. Also, there is no need for scanning, printing, or postage. With all of these requirements out of the way, a police check online is stress-free.
  • Cost-effective: Individuals can save travel costs alongside other expenses that might be incurred when processing a national police check at the office. A police check online involves zero costs.
  • Safer: The world is currently fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. A police check online limits any possibility of contact, thereby effectively protecting both clients and staff from the virus. Also, with a secure verification system online, you can be sure that your data is safe.

Getting an Australian Police Check Online

Online police checks in Australia

Hiring managers or employers use different types of police check online, depending on the clearance warranted.

Hundreds of thousands of police checks are carried out every year. There are several accredited agencies in Australia, which conduct police clearance. However,  Australian National Character Check boasts one of the best online platforms in the country.

Application for a National Police Check

The process is straightforward. Fill in the online application form, upload relevant documents, and receive the National Police Certificate. Remember that a police check online and one done at the local police station carry equal weight; both are legitimate and valid.

Despite noticeable changes in the format, they both serve the same purpose since they are both obtained from the same database at the central government. There are also flexible billing options to make the payment easier.

Start a Police Check online today

Getting police clearance validates your employee and means less risk for your business. Seeing how simple the process has become, there is no reason an organization should not encourage a National Police Check in its recruitment process.