Doja Cat Diagnosed With Coronavirus After Downplaying It

Doja Cat Diagnosed With Coronavirus After Downplaying It

The artist Doja Cat can probably takeover for the Simpsons during the pandemic as she seems to be just as good in predicting omens. While the death tolls were hiking and breaking records this March in the US due to  COVID-19, the Say so singer went live on Instagram to mock about the virus and call it flu.

She made a very bold statement that, it’s safe to say, she never expected to become true. She called people who were scared of the now rampaging virus as a ‘p*ssy’ and told them to take precautions that are normally taken for flu, like drink water and sleep.

But the statement that was iconic because she did not know at that time it will become true was ‘ B*tch, I’m not scared of a coronavirus or the motherf*cking beer version of that sh*t.’

This vivid statement put her very near The Simpsons,The Sitcom Series, in predictions as she admitted during an interview with Capital XTRA that she had gotten virus. She said that she was staying home and she had probably gotten the virus after ordering something off Postmates.

Doja Cat

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Corona Virus doesn’t seem to discriminate between people as Doja Cat AKA Amala Zandile Dlamini, is not the first celebrity to have contracted the virus. Some of the more famous names include Pink, Sara Bareilles, Idris Elba ,and  the celebrity couple Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

When asked about her opinion on her fellow rapper, Kanye West’s presidential run this year and Jay-Z as his vice. ,the 24 year old Doja Cat replied that politics was a ‘whole other world’ and not something she is personally involved in. Her full interview can be seen here.