Here’s The Probable Reason Why Females Have Orgasms

Here’s The Probable Reason Why Females Have Orgasms

Although the ‘why’ of male orgasms has already been cleared off ‘the curious’, that of the female orgasm remained a mystery. It has happened throughout the world, every day, so it’s a wonder why scientists still haven’t found an answer. However, a team of scientists at Yale University wrote in the Journal of Experimental Zoology Part B; Molecular and Developmental evolution, that they might’ve come up with an answer.

Without following human biology and the modification of a trait, these researches have focused on the evolutionary point of female orgasms. They concluded that pair bonding between partners was once the main biological trigger needed for ovulation.

The male orgasm serves a clear evolutionary purpose, which is to spread their seeds. Some scientists agree that women probably started having orgasms as a by-product of men having them, similar to how men have nipples because women have them. Unlike male orgasms, female orgasms are not necessary for pregnancy and certainly hard to achieve. However, these researches claim that it was once the primary set-off required for ovulation to take place, and that both male and female orgasms play a collective role in ovulation.

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During an orgasm, female placental mammals release two hormones: oxytocin and serotonin. The discharge of such hormones is what activates ovulation. Therefore, pregnancy would not be possible without female orgasms.

Although probably the above method evolved at first, they are only visible in human females. As time passes, women have gained the ability to ovulate on cycles that has no affect by the sexual activity of males. Therefore, this non-essential hormonal function is considered as a pleasurable bonding mechanism in female biology.

According to Gunter Wagner, an ecology and evolutionary biology professor in Yale University, studies that were carried out earlier regarding this matter were highly focused on evidence from human biology and the modification of a trait, rather than it’s evolutionary biology. This fact is true because earlier it was believed that the females had no direct role to play in reproductive success, based on the bizarre logic that the fertility of females did not depend on sexual activity.

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Although the reason behind the evolution of female orgasm isn’t very clear, some say that it evolved as a by-product to the male orgasm, while some believe that it strengthens the bond and intimacy between the couple. However, we should not forget that the underlying intention of all living organisms is to produce new off-springs as much as possible, to ensure the survival of their species.

Therefore, the occurrence of orgasms in females, regardless of its usability, serves the purpose of pleasure for females. After all, enjoyment is the primary outlook of having sex in the 21st century.