Hit The Courts And Experience The Many Benefits Of Playing Tennis

Tennis was at the peak of popularity way back in Victorian times, when men and women would gather on the lawn in their corsets and top hats to bat a ball back and forth. In fact, tennis was first played in England in the 1870s.

There is a reason why this sport hasn’t gone out of style! Today, we are familiar with the many physical and mental benefits of playing tennis. You don’t need to dress in your old-fashioned finery to take advantage of them, either!

Benefits Of Playing Tennis

We’ve created this guide to explain and explore the health benefits of tennis. From weight loss to strong bones, this sport can transform the way your body looks and functions! Why haven’t you started yet?

Keep reading to learn about the many advantages of playing tennis!

You Can Lose Weight

A long tennis match can burn up to six hundred calories! Because you play the entire game on your feet, the average match involves jogging the equivalent of five miles from start to finish. Weight loss is all about calories in vs calories out, so a tennis match is a great way to drop a few pounds.

You Can Build Stamina

Tennis is a fast-paced game that keeps you on your toes from start to finish. You often have to go sprinting after the ball at a moment’s notice. The intensity of the game makes it an aerobic activity and can increase your stamina for other tasks over time.

You Can Improve Your Mental Health

Exercise helps the body create endorphins. These hormones have one job, and it’s to make you feel good! The combination of endorphins, thinking, and planning keeps your brain healthy, leading to positive mental health outcomes!

You Can Hasten Your Reaction Time

When you play tennis, you need to react to exactly what is going on around you. That means anticipating your opponent’s moves, predicting where the ball will go, and planning your response. This all happens within seconds!

The more you play, the faster your reaction time will get. This can cross over into other areas of your life, and even other sports!

You Can Strengthen Your Bones

During a game of tennis, your body is bounding, stopping, and bracing for impact. All of these actions lead to improved bone density. If you have strong bones, you are less likely to experience the negative effects of bone density loss as you age.

So, why play tennis? Every time you hit a perfect forehand, you’ll also be fortifying your skeleton!

Enjoy the Benefits of Playing Tennis!

Benefits Of Playing Tennis

We might have forgotten to mention one of the most important benefits of playing tennis: it’s downright fun! Tennis is an engaging way to stay active at any age. Hit the courts, make some friends, and experience the passive health benefits of this popular pastime today!

Another great pastime is reading for pleasure! Check out the rest of the blog for more posts that can enrich your mind and your life!