Young Dancer Stuns Everyone With Her ‘Angel’ Performance

Young Dancer Stuns Everyone With Her 'Angel' Performance

When the five-year-old dancer Audrina Mossembekker took to the stage, she surprised all those who were there with her stunning display of the art. Dancing is one of the art forms that almost all love. From TV shows to Opera halls, dancing is celebrated all around the world for its grand beauty in being able to captivate its viewers. And when Audrina did her solo for the 2020 Rainbow National Dance Competition in San Gabriel, she did not just surprise them with her gorgeous costume but also left their mouths open with her skill in dancing.

Dancing for Sarah McLachlan’s  ‘Angel’, a song that has been celebrated widely, Audrina’s moves are matched very well to this emotional song and it is no surprise that she placed first in her category, Rainbow’s “mini-dancer of the year”.



Audrina’s Background In Dancing

Audrina attends Orange County Performance Arts Academy. She has been featured in numerous magazines and has competed a lot, according to her page in Instagram. Her routine includes several complex maneuvers such as tumbles and aerials and she is skilled in different styles as well.



It is surprising that she was able to find her passion at such a young age while most people struggle to find theirs over their lifetimes.










Watch the video below!

Image credits: Youtube video Screenshots