Nine Revelations About Michael Jackson’s Stage Outfits

Nine Revelations About Michael Jackson's Stage Outfits

The world-renowned singer, songwriter, and dancer Michael Jackson, took great efforts to become the cynosure during his concerts and award shows. Just like his unique and maddening dance moves, his costumes played a huge role to make sure he stood out. His jackets with armbands, leaning shoes, and wearing one glove at a time certainly left the fans in wonder, giving him the attention he expected.

The King of Pop was a picky dresser and paid much attention to details. If you are fascinated and in question about his choice of clothes, and you would’ve been over the moon to have had a sneak peek into his wardrobe, these secrets will quench your thirst for a while. While some were out of no-reason, some will leave your mouth agape, but it’s worth the feeling of triumph when you’ll get the upper hand the next time you boast about your favorite artists.

#1 Smaller Clothes At The End Of Shows

His killer dance moves requiring great exertion resulted in the loss of up to 5lbs of his weight, and a thinner waist at the end of his shows. Since it is in his nature to be sure he looks perfect in his clothes, his every upcoming costume was smaller than the earlier one.

#2 Lean Shoes

The first thing that comes to the mind of anyone when the name of the idol of the century is mentioned would be his iconic move where he defies the law of gravity. Of course, he is not a magician. It only costed him a very simple trick. His lean shoes had a V-shaped clasp at the bottom of the heels with which he could hook into a nail attached to the dance floor. The nail and the specially made shoes weren’t the only requirement for his 45-degree forward tilt, but also a marvelous amount of core and leg strength.

#3 One Glove At A Time

Jackson was diagnosed with vitiligo which resulted in white patches on his skin, due to loss of skin pigments. He wanted to cover the patches on his hand and since it would be just-too-normal to wear two gloves – as expected from an entertainer who spent over four decades in the public eye, he wore only one at a time.

#4 Armband On Right Sleeve

He wanted to be distinguishable – it’s simple as that!

#5 “777” Sewn On His Jackets

He was the 7th child of his family and 58 (his birth year – 1958) + 19 equal to 77.

#6 Unpolished Shoes

michael jackson shoes

Source -Ali Express

It is no wonder that his shoes were in bad condition due to his extremely strenuous dance routine, but polishing them drove him mad. That is because – as he explained: the shoes were worn out just right and polishing them further would make them too slippery for him to perform his dance moves unbothered.

#7 White Socks

The number one reason is to gain attention to his feet while dancing, and the other reason is because no one else would wear white socks with black shoes – again the talented attention seeker.

#8 Tape Around Fingers



It was the same reason as the white socks, to gain attention to his fingers. Michael thought taping only his index, ring and pinkie fingers would be even more unusual. His mysterious two fingers that were not taped were to leave the fans with something to wonder about.

#9 CTE On His Jackets

Literally, they meant nothing. He just wanted to add some letters on the epaulets. Since it didn’t matter which ones, the designers put the 26 letters into a hat and let him choose. C, T,  and E  were lucky to be chosen.

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