What To Buy When Travelling To Japan

Travelling To Japan

One of the best parts about traveling anywhere in the world is the ability to shop and find unique items to take back home with you. Your family and friends will always appreciate special gifts that they would never be able to find in your home country. Japan is one of the best shopping destinations in the world, thanks to their high-quality electronics, fashion, and food items that tourists love to take home with them. Below you’ll find my top recommendations of what to buy on your next trip to Japan.

Tea Sets

One of the most unique souvenirs you can bring home from Japan is a beautiful tea set. They often feature handmade teacups and will be a wonderful reminder of your trip when you return home. Make sure to take the time to enjoy a tea ceremony on any trip to Japan, as this will be one of your favorite experiences of your trip. You’ll want to choose a tea set that isn’t too large to bring home, and that can be packed in your suitcase. Of course, don’t forget to bring some local green tea home with you as well, which you can serve in your new tea set.

Food and Candy

One of my favorite things to shop for when going abroad is candy and food that you can bring back home to share with your family. Japan has some incredible speciality Kit-Kat flavors that are so much fun to try, and I’d also recommend wagashi candies. These are made from sticky rice and bean paste and are colorful and sweet. Finally, bring a bottle of sake with you, which is a traditional Japanese alcoholic drink that’s created from fermented rice.

Travelling To Japan


Japan is known for being way ahead of other countries in terms of their electronics, so what better place to shop for a new high-tech device or piece of equipment. Top items to buy in Japan include cameras, video cameras, Apple products, computers and rice cookers. Now, the only issue you’ll find with making such a big purchase is getting it home! Nowadays, you’ll find plenty of options that don’t require paying an extortionate excess luggage fee with your airline. Shipping from Japan doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and can still mean buying electronics abroad will save you money on their retail price at home.


The Japanese cosmetics industry has increased in popularity over recent years, so it’s well worth exploring their make-up, skincare and hair care products while you are there. You’ll be impressed by the low prices and how easy it is to find these products in convenience stores around the country.


You’ll see kimonos worn throughout your time in Japan, and they are available for both men and women. In most of the major cities, you visit you’ll find kimono shops, where you can choose from an incredible range of colors and designs.

Travelling To Japan

Shopping in Japan is an exciting experience, with vibrant shops and so many different products to choose from. You’ll find items that you never knew existed in the stores in Japan, so make sure you don’t pack too much in your suitcase when heading off for your trip. Instead, consider sending them using some shipping services. Bringing souvenirs back home helps extend the memories of your trip, and you’ll enjoy using them for the months and years following your time in Japan.