The Best Hotels In London

London is the most popular city in the UK, attracting over 27 million visitors every year.

From munching fish and chips by the Thames to visiting Buckingham Palace, there is every reason why you should add London to your bucket list. Perhaps you’ve finally got the opportunity to visit the Big Smoke but you’re not sure of the best place to stay.

The Best Hotels In London

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best hotels in London.

The Shangri-La

You’ll no longer Google “hotels near me” once you catch a glimpse of the Shangri-La at the Shard. Located on Old Kent Road, guests are mesmerized by the incredible views over the bustling city.

And there’s no doubt you’ll adore the elegant Asian-inspired rooms that the Shangri-La is renowned for.

Courtesy Ham Yard Hotel

Whether you’re looking for the best pet friendly hotel in the city or one tucked away in Soho, visitors will fall in love with Courtesy Ham Yard Hotel. As soon as you enter, you’re greeted with an array of fabrics, textures, and design that is so popular with boutique hotels.

Not to mention the unique sculptures dotted you’ll stumble across by Turner prize-winning legend Tony Cragg.

Park Plaza Hotel

The Best Hotels In London

Looking for hotels near Big Ben? Then, the Park Plaza hotel is the place for you.

This revered establishment sits in the heart of Westminster which is great for first-time visitors who are desperate to explore the big city. A major bonus is that the Park Plaza Hotel boasts a range of amenities like a gym, swimming pool, and a spa so you can unwind after a long flight.

The Langham

Out of all the London city hotels, the Langham is the most well-known. This hotel has been inviting guests since it opened its doors in 1865.

Visitors love how it’s located less than five minutes from Oxford Circus and its stylish pub where you get a taste of British dishes.

Brown’s Hotel

Looking for the best hotels in London? Then, make sure Brown’s is on your list.

This legendary establishment has hosted famous guests such as Rudyard Kipling and the beloved novelist, Agatha Christie. Plus, unlike others on this list, Brown’s is less formal despite boasting five-stars which may be more appealing for families.

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park

The Best Hotels In London

The Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park is one of the top London hotels, thanks to its history. It’s a well-known fact that the Queen learned to dance in the ballroom and the hotel now boasts award-winning restaurants and bars from legends in the game. Heston Blumenthal, anyone?

The Best Hotels in London

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll check out these best hotels in London.

Treat yourself to a room at the Shangri La or the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park if you want opulent decor. Or, if the location is more on your priority list, then you mustn’t miss out on Courtesy Ham Yard Hotel, Brown’s, and the great Park Plaza. Happy traveling!

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