What Accessories To Take On A Long Bike Trip?

Accessories To Take On A Long Bike Trip

When planning a long road journey, we are often baffled when deciding what to take. You need to be geared up with all the essential items, so you don’t face any difficulty during the journey. Below we are going to list a number of items that would prove useful during a long motorcycle trip.

First Aid Kit

First aid kit is something that everyone should carry when going on a long trip. You never know when you will face minor medical emergencies like cuts or scratches that require quick treatment. This kit will definitely help in such situations. Even some countries have made it compulsory for the motorcycle riders to carry first aid kits.


When you are going on a trip of 2 days or more, it is obvious that you are going to carry more essentials, and you need something spacious enough to carry them all. Motorcycle riders personally prefer to have tank bags, tail bags, or saddlebags for this purpose. These bags have a sturdy construction and have as much space as you want.

Warm waterproof gloves & Boots

Weather is unpredictable, and when you are on the road, you never know when it will turn against you. This is the main reason why you should carry waterproof gloves to cover your hands just in case. You will find a variety of gloves for your next adventure, so choose the one that perfectly fits.

Envision a scenario you are riding, and suddenly the rain starts pouring, and your boots are all wet, making you feel uncomfortable. You have to stop at a point to get them dry, making your trip excitement go down the drain. Don’t worry, there is a way that you can avert this situation, and that is waterproof breathable boots. These will control the temperature when it is hot, ensuring that there is no perspiration lingering, but at the same time keeping the water out. These are perfect for those journeys where you can face multiple climates.

Portable tool kit

By having a portable tool kit, you can fix minor issues on your own that can occur with your beloved machine. This kit includes all the basic tools like screwdrivers, keys, and a small socket set. This kit is portable, so it would not take up too much space.

Puncture repair kit

You don’t want the punctured tire to ruin your trip, ending up immobilized in the middle of nowhere. In this situation, a mobile puncture repair kit will come in handy. This tubeless tire repair kit will keep you covered until you reach the nearest repair shop.

Visor Cleaner

If you are journeying into the remote area, it is possible that you will run into few insects and cause irritation. So it is important that you keep a visor cleaner to keep your vision clear. Also, you can take an anti-fog solution, helmet sanitizer, and a few cloths. These items are perfect for keeping your helmet in good condition while you are away.


Maps are useful as long as you are not moving; this is the reason why GPS units are pretty reliable these days. These GPS units are specifically designed for motorcycles and are waterproof. These units get easily attach to the bike. You can take the map but still need to have a backup plan.

What Accessories To Take On A Long Bike Trip

Chain Spray

It is suggested that after every 250-300 miles apply chain lube if your trip lasts any more than that, you will want to take into account taking some chain lube with you. You don’t have to take a big can; you can even get a small travel can, which will perfectly do the job.

Waterproof suit

Last but not least, take a waterproof motorcycle jacket. If you can’t afford to have one, then a pair of thin waterproofs are best to throw over your leathers. It will be a temporary solution if you get caught in the rain. You will find a variety of these as well and at affordable prices. So you will find the one that you feel perfect and fulfill your requirements.

So, before embarking on the long journey, you need to make sure that you have all of these above-mentioned accessories.