The History Of Rolex And Why It Holds Value

A Rolex watch is not just for show. Rolex has a rich history and a history of incredible design and craftsmanship. The brand has withstood many challenges over the years. Since day one, Rolex watches have been made to last.

So, if you’re planning to make an investment with these, now’s the chance!

In the luxury world, no one beats the iconic brand. Here are a few reasons Rolex is the creme of the crop in luxury watches:


The History of Rolex

In 1905, a Swiss watch company named Wilsdorf and Davis was formed by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis. Today, the company is now known as Rolex. They started the company to make wristwatches that were more accurate and reliable than the pocket watches that were commonly used at the time.

The company is headquartered in Geneva and operates in over 100 countries. Their main contribution to the watch industry was the mass production of high-quality watch movements that they could export to Switzerland.

By 1908, the company had made 100,000 watch movements and was the largest producer of certified chronometer wristwatches globally.

The company continued to grow, and by the 1930s, Rolex was the largest watch company in the world. Rolex continues to be a leading innovator in the watch industry, and its watches are highly sought after by collectors and luxury watch enthusiasts.

Rolex’s commitment to innovation has also helped the brand maintain its place at the top of the luxury watch market. Over the years, Rolex has introduced groundbreaking new technologies, such as the first water-resistant watch, the first self-winding watch, and the first watch with an automatically changing date.

These innovations have helped make Rolex one of the most iconic and recognizable brands globally.

A Century Of Quality Watches You Can Look For

Rolex has a wide variety of models to choose from, each with its unique style that will suit your needs. They have a strong network of authorized dealers and service centers, making it easy to find a suitable model and get it serviced.

  • Oyster

In 1910, Rolex released the world’s first waterproof and dustproof watch, called the “Oyster.” The Oyster was a significant innovation in watchmaking. It is made of stainless steel and has a self-winding mechanism.

  • Daytona

It is considered one of the most iconic and recognizable watches globally. It quickly made Rolex a household name.
Daytona is one of Rolex’s most iconic and popular models. The Daytona was first introduced in 1963 and was designed for racecar drivers.

The Daytona features a chronograph function and is known for its precision and reliability.
Rolex value resales highly and is coveted in luxury watches. Daytona models are particularly sought-after and can sell for tens of thousands of dollars.

  • Submariner

The Submariner is a line of sports watches designed and manufactured by Rolex. The first Submariner was introduced in 1954 and was designed for underwater use. The watch quickly gained popularity among divers and adventurers.

Today, the Submariner is one of Rolex’s best-selling models. The Submariner is known for its durability, water resistance, and stylish design. It is an excellent example of Rolex’s value and commitment to quality and innovation.

  • GMT-Master

Rolex’s most famous watch is the GMT-Master, designed for pilots and became one of the most coveted watches of the 20th century. The GMT-Master is highly sought after by collectors, for it appreciates and can sell for upwards of $50,000. Many of its watches can withstand extreme conditions.

  • Rolex Perpetual

The company’s motto is ” A Crown for Every Achievement.” Rolex has been a sponsor of the Wimbledon tennis tournament since 1977, with the Rolex Perpetual its flagship watch.

It is made of 18k gold and features a self-winding mechanical movement. Waterproof and a power reserve of 48 hours. The Rolex Perpetual is a symbol of luxury and status.

The Rolex Perpetual appreciates because of its quality, prestige, and history. It is a trendy line of Rolex watches for men that are water-resistant and perfect for boating enthusiasts and those who live an active lifestyle.

  • Sea-Dweller

The Sea-Dweller is a popular dive watch that Rolex first introduced in 1967. The watch features a water-resistant case and a legible dial, even in low-light conditions. The SeaDweller is prized by many collectors and is considered one of Rolex’s most iconic models.

  • Milgauss

The Milgauss is a type of Rolex watch that is specifically designed to be resistant to magnetic fields. It was first introduced in 1956 and was named after the French word for “thousand gausses,” a unit of measure for magnetic fields.

  • Air-King

The Air-King is one of Rolex’s most popular models. It is revered for its classic design and superb engineering. The Air-King is an excellent choice for those looking to invest in timeless and elegant watches that will last a lifetime.

How To Classify An Authentic Rolex to A Fake One

There are a few telltale signs that you can use to help classify an authentic Rolex from a fake one. First, look at the weight of the watch. An original Rolex will feel much heavier than a fake one.

Second, take a look at the face of the watch. An authentic Rolex will have a crisp, clean face with no blurry edges. Finally, check the back of the watch. A genuine Rolex will have a smooth, polished back with a clearly visible company logo.

Invest in the Best Watches Today


For many people, a Rolex watch is the epitome of success. It is a status symbol that tells the world that you have made it. But beyond the superficial, there are many good reasons to invest in a Rolex watch.

They are well-made and designed to hold value over time. So if you are looking for a quality watch that will last a lifetime and hold its value, a Rolex is a wise investment.

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