Smart Home Cleaning Gadgets that will Save Your Time

Smart home cleaning gadgets

Everyone likes to keep their house spick and span. Cleaning is one of the tiresome and energy-consuming tasks of your day. Whether it’s laundry, mopping, deep scrub or even clearing dustbins are worse, it takes away your leisure time and also seems a costly option to hire an employee. A clean home is a happy home. Do you ever wish for the dust bins to magically disappear or the floor to mop itself? The good news is that advanced technology has started making your dreams come true. With smart cleaning gadgets and devices, you can automate your cleaning chores rather than employ a worker, save your time and energy, as well as enjoy with family.

Check out, some hassle-free and handy smart home cleaning gadgets with which even lazy people can keep their home tidy without having to hog.

Steam Cleaner

Do you know that every surface at home can be cleaned with steam? The steam cleaner can be used to clean all kinds of surfaces including leather, tiles, ovens, mirrors, windows, and carpets. It deodorizes, disinfects and degreases your carpets and tiles at a time. These efficient Steam cleaner for home protects yourself and your house from germs or any micro things. It will kill almost 99 percent of household germs and dust mites. Depending upon the type of machine, steam cleaners work in two ways. Dry steam cleaners are similar to a pressure cooker. The steam is produced, when water reaches a boiling point. It takes only a few minutes. Cool steam cleaner work without boiling water, the produced steam is not that hot. The contrary is that it consumes more water compared to a dry cleaner. Steam cleaners purify the air and free your home from hazardous chemicals and infections.

Vacuum Cleaner

In this decade, vacuum cleaners are one of the handiest and essential household appliances for cleaning/sanitizing purposes. It is used as a broom or a dustpan to get the dirt off your floors. Vacuum cleaners will also remove dust on the furniture and sofa. The simplest effective design of the device sucks debris from draperies, floors and other surfaces easily compared to broom. Based on usage many vacuum cleaners are available. For example, if you are a woodworker there are specially made shop vac for cleaning. The recent times have witnessed robot vacuums being controlled with your smartphones to clean your home when you are outside or on a vacation. Vacuum cleaners are cost-friendly when it comes to cleaning rugs and carpets. Vacuum cleaning improves your health by removing all microorganisms in less time.

Air Cleaning System

No matter how much you clean your floor or bathroom, the dirt air has a profound effect on your health especially if you have allergies. To keep your house free from pollen dust, mites, smoke, fine fur, pet odor and other micro-particles from the air, use a digital air purifier. Simply, an air purifier is used to increase the quality of the air in your house. The air purifiers are more effective when you leave it in a closed room for 15 to 30 minutes. A good idea is to run an air purifier at night when you run your AC. Smart air purifiers can be controlled by smartphones and you will constantly receive necessary updates.

Robot Mop

After vacuuming, mopping is ideal for hard floors including tiles, stones, and hardwood. Robot mop technology cleans those hard-to-reach spots around sinks, toilets and below cabinets, keeps your home sparkling clean. It selects the suitable cleaning method like wet mopping, dry sweeping and damp sweeping based on the pad you connect to it.  Before the cleaning process, the robot mop checks the surroundings to make sure if your furniture and walls locations are not sprayed with water.

Robot Window Cleaner

Window cleaning is even downright dangerous and inconvenient. Instead of swaying on a tall ladder, use window cleaning robots to clean quickly without any labor involved. You can control its movements from where you stand. Its washable microfiber pad effectively cleans the window glass surfaces and removes all the dirt, dust, and stain in a few minutes.

Superfast Scrubber

Like an electric toothbrush, the electric scrubber keeps the dust away from your home appliances and relieves the manual effort from cleaning. It cleans easier and faster with five different brush heads on different surfaces from bathroom tiles to stovetops.

Smart home cleaning gadgets

When it comes to cleaning a home, use smart cleaning technologies to reduce the time you spend on your chores. With the help of cleaning gadgets, make the toughest of the cleaning tasks into easy ones and spend your holidays at peace. Happy cleaning!