German Café Gives Customers Social Distancing Pool Noodle Hats

A German Café Hands Out Its Customers Pool Noodle Hats To Maintain Social Distance

Germany is one of the nations combatting the outbreak of COVID-19 extremely well. With the country being out of phase one of the pandemic, certain coronavirus restrictions have been raised and citizens are returning to their normal lives following strict health guidelines. Chancellor Merkel had stated even though certain restrictions have been laid off, people should be cautious and maintain a minimum of 1.5 m distance between each and every person to avoid a second phase of the outbreak that has a high possibility of occurring again.

With that being said, restaurants have opened for business with strict health guidelines imposed within restaurant premises and when serving customers. One particular Café has taken the advice to the next level which is ultimately the best way to maintain social distancing.

Front Glass of Café

Café Rothe is located in Schwerin which is about 60 miles east of Hamburg. The owner Jacquline Rothe is handing out straw hats with two swimming noodles attached to it to maintain the required distance between humans to safety measures. It is also to control any difficulties that would be confronted by restaurants when reopening, says Rothe.

Men with Pool Noodles on Their Heads

The Café is only able to serve 20 tables which is a total of the tables placed inside and outside. Their usual servings are around 56 tables, but due to the health guidelines issued by the government, it is compulsory to maintain two-meter distance and hygiene of the restaurant and clients.

People with Straw Pool Noodle Hats

She also said that the experiment proved how hard it is to maintain distance even for well-informed adults. However, it is a perfect way and a fun one to try out, said Rothe.


Front of A Café


Pool Noodle Hat On Man

Image Credits: Facebook