3 Simple Ways To Improve The Indoor Air Quality Of Your Home

improve the indoor air quality of your home

In the last year, people have thought more about the quality of the air they’re breathing than ever before. While people are careful to steer clear of those who are sick or areas where certain germs might be present, what many people don’t realize is just how polluted the air within your own home might be.

To help you address these issues where you live, here are three simple ways to improve the indoor air quality of your home. 

Control The Source Of Indoor Air Pollution

In many cases, there are things within your home that are causing the air quality to be more polluted than it naturally would be. So to reduce this pollution, the EPA shares that you simply need to control the source of where this pollution is coming from.

Depending on where you live and what you may have in your home, the actual sources of your indoor air pollution will vary. However, there are a few common culprits. Generally, things like gas stoves, candles, cleaning chemicals, and the presence of things like asbestos or VOCs in the materials of items within your home cause the most indoor air pollution. So if you have or use any of these items within your house, try to remove those items to see a big difference in the indoor air pollution you’re dealing with. 

improve the indoor air quality of your home

Clean Well And Often

Another reason why your home might have lower air quality than it should could be because you’re allowing your home to get dirty. When things like dirt, dust, pet dander, pollen and more get into your house, the longer they are left to linger, the more damage they can do to the air quality.

To address this, Jess Denham, a contributor to Country Living, recommends that you clean, dust, and vacuum on a very regular basis. Every hard or soft surface, including things like your air conditioning unit and vents, should be cleaned up, scrubbed down, or vacuumed even before a layer of filth is able to accumulate. 

Be Wise When Using Windows

To get dirty air out of your home and let clean air in, you should try to increase the circulation and ventilation in your home. This can easily be done by opening the doors and windows of your home to the outside. However, you’ll want to be careful about when and how you do this.

While it’s good to let fresh air in when it’s nice outside, Amanda Capritto, a contributor to CNet.com, shares that you’ll want to ensure that your doors and windows are properly sealed so that you can keep out any dust or dirt that might try to enter your home when your windows are closed. This will be especially important when it’s dry out and the wind starts blowing around a lot of debris in the air. 

improve the indoor air quality of your home

If you’re wanting to start making changes that will improve the air quality in your home, consider using the tips mentioned above to show you how this can be done.