Ingredients To Make Your Content Successful By Divya Gandotra

Ingredients To Make Your Content Successful By Divya Gandotra

Writing great content is not a choice anymore, it has become a necessity. If you want to stay competitive in this digital era, you need to make your content game stronger than ever.

There are plenty of agencies and marketers that can help you in your journey. One such incredible digital agency is EMIAC Technologies Pvt Ltd. Over the years, the company has been able to cultivate a strong position in the market.

Divya Gandotra, the Managing Director of EMIAC Technologies, is an insightful digital marketer who has a lot to say about content success.

She is a content manager herself; so eventually, she has some treasure trove of knowledge regarding the content field.

How Content Success Can Be Achieved – The Divya Gandotra Way!

Divya Gandotra says there are two ways to get content done: one, you take shortcuts and write poorly crafted content, or you put your time and effort into a single piece and give rise to a prosperous brand.

Following shortcuts will never get you anywhere. You will only waste your energy, resources, and time. The right path for righteous content marketers is always clear and streamlined.

If you want to boost your SEO ranking, you need to focus on developing good content.

Ingredients That Make A Good Content

According to Divya Gandotra, a few things add up to making ordinary content look extraordinary. As a content marketer, one needs to focus on acquiring those ingredients in order to make content successful.

Here are those ingredients that Divya Gandotra believes are essential for a content marketer:

#1 Develop Original Content

There’s no space for plagiarism today. Even Google has rigid rules for copying content. So, the only way you can make a distinctive place in the market is by creating quality content that is genuine and not copied from anywhere. You will obviously take references from various sources but beautifully putting them in your own words is the real game that you need to win.

#2 Focus on Catchy Headlines

It’s all about how you attract your readers to your content. No matter how beautifully and strategically you have created your content, the reader will not come to you if your headline is not catchy enough. 80% of readers will read the content on the basis of a captivating headline.

#3 Create Actionable Content

Every content piece has a motive behind it. After reading the content, your customer should be able to take some action that will benefit your brand. That’s why you need to focus on creating actionable content. Whether it is a blog or web content, a content marketer has to make things actionable, for instance, adding a good CTA.

#4 Answer Queries Of Your Customers

Today your customers are not looking for the benefits of your products or services. Instead, they want to know how you can resolve their queries. Hence, all your content should be designed in a way that it directly speaks to the customers and answers their queries.

#5 Engaging And Provoking Content

An engaged audience will add up to your brand value, so your focus should be on making your content engaging. Start with a promising heading, weave stories that make the content relatable, and ask the writer questions for increasing engagement.

Ingredients To Make Your Content Successful By Divya Gandotra

That’s how Divya Gandotra tackles the challenges of the content market and creates quality content for her clients. If you ever feel doubtful about making content successful, these are the ingredients you must have in your kitty.