How To Choose Between Different Wedding Dress Silhouettes

Are you ready to say yes to the dress?

While many brides dream of the day they slip on “the one”, the search isn’t always easy. There are an infinite number of wedding dress styles to choose from, and each one will highlight your body in a different way.

You deserve one that makes you feel comfortable and confident, and it all starts with knowing your personal preference.

Today, we’re taking a look at a few of the most common wedding dress silhouettes. Read on to discover how you can find the perfect one for you.

Different Wedding Dress Silhouettes

The Universal A-Line

When in doubt, stick with an A-line dress. This silhouette is flattering and looks great on almost every body type.

These will usually fit snug around the top and midsection, and then cinch at the waist. From there, the material will flow beautifully down and out, forming the shape of the letter “A”.

If you’re curvy or pear-shaped, an A-line gown is ideal. It accentuates your bust while hugging your waist, instantly slimming your waistline. The right one can even elongate your curves and make you appear taller!

High-Drama Ballgowns

Do you want your wedding day to feel more like a fairytale? If so, a ballgown is the way to go.

These have all the drama and volume you could possibly want, and they’re effortlessly timeless. You don’t have to add a pair of satin gloves and tiara, but those Cinderella-inspired accessories would look right at home with this style.

Brides with bigger busts look great in ballgowns, as the fuller lower portion beautifully balances the top. If you want to accentuate your waist, this is another go-to style, but keep in mind that it can spotlight larger hips.

Another tip? Pare down your accessories if you decide to rock a bold ballgown. These dresses are statement pieces all on their own, so dainty jewelry goes best.

Trumpets and Mermaids

Trumpet-style wedding dresses are similar to mermaid-style ones, but there are subtle differences to note.

Both gowns start slim and snug and then flare out at some point in your lower section. A trumpet gown starts to flare around your mid-thighs, but a mermaid one remains fitted until the knees.

If you want all eyes to be on your hips and waist, then try a mermaid gown. Just make sure that your shapewear can do its job, and take the dress for a trial run to see how easily you can move and sit in it.

A trumpet gown is a little more toned down, and the flare is more gradual. The gentle movement of the fabric is especially flattering on slimmer frames that want to add the illusion of more curves. At the same time, it looks equally great on brides who have natural curves and want to flaunt them.

Tea-Length Gowns

Want to buck tradition just a little and skip the long dress trend? Tea-length gowns offer just the right level of rebellion, but they’re still sweet enough to make your grandmother happy at the reception.

These hit just a few inches above your ankles, which gives you the opportunity to show off those fabulous wedding shoes you bought just for the big day.

The best part about this style? Tea-length gowns are less formal than the other types of dresses on this list. This means you aren’t stuck wearing it once and preserving it for years.

Rather, you can rewear a tea-length gown time and again. You’ll find yourself reaching for it before every party, celebration, and formal gathering you attend.

Corseted Dresses

Corsets might have been exceedingly uncomfortable during their time, but today’s are more cushioned and supportive than ever.

Smaller-chested brides can pull off this look easily. The material lifts and pads your chest to help it appear larger. Most corseted dresses include a full-volume ballgown on the bottom, which beautifully offsets the slim-fitting top.

V-Neck Gowns

Almost every wedding dress is available in some variation of a V-neck design. While many of these styles work best on brides with smaller chests, you can also punch up the drama with a higher-neck style.

These looks draw the eye upward, putting attention on your chest while also creating the illusion of a fuller bust.

Slip-Style Dresses

They say your wedding day should be all about comfort, and slip dresses take this theme seriously. Looking more like your favorite nightgown than a high-fashion ensemble, they’re silky, sleek, and hug in all the right places.

As their name implies, these dresses fit like a slip you’d wear under a more structured gown. However, they take center stage and shine when worn on their own.

To keep the look interesting, look for one with special details, such as an open back or low neckline. These look especially beautiful on tall, slender brides who want to put the spotlight on every inch of their figure.

Column and Sheath Gowns

A column gown is more like a work of art than a piece of formalwear. These dresses use stiffer, sturdier materials like brocade and taffeta, wrapping and overlapping them in beautiful ways.

Brides with hourglass figures tend to gravitate toward column gowns that cinch in the waist but leave their hips free. The same goes for athletic brides with muscular legs and long torsos.

Similar to column gowns, sheath gowns usually look similar, but they’re made from lightweight, airy materials. To define your waist even more, look for a coordinating belt or sash to draw the material inward.

Consider Your Body Type

When browsing the different types of wedding dresses, keep your body type top of mind. You should be able to rock anything that catches your eye, but it helps if the fabric and shape complement your figure.

Not sure what your body type is? You can take this quick and easy quiz to find out!

Think About Theme

Next, let’s talk theme. You can also use the details of your event to nail down your look for the big day.

For instance, a laidback slip dress is just perfect for a casual beach wedding but might look out of place in a soaring, formal cathedral. You don’t have to hold fast to all of these rules, but consider the vibe that you want the event to generate.

If everyone is expected to come in jeans and flannel for a country-themed wedding in the backyard, you might feel strange waltzing down the grassy aisle in a high-drama ballgown.

Or you might decide you want to stand out from the crowd and go against the grain. After all, it’s your day and you get to decide the statement you make.

Ensure Comfort and Mobility

Above anything else, you want to make sure you’re 100% comfortable on your special day. Whether you plan to take pictures, feast on a gourmet meal, or hit the dance floor as soon as you get your new name, you should be able to move in your dress.

This is especially important if you’re eyeing slim-fitting silhouettes, like a mermaid or trumpet gowns. These can be stunning, but give them a few twirls to make sure you’re not cutting off your circulation as soon as you sit down!

It can help to visit a store and try on a few styles to find the perfect fit. Look for a retailer that offers wholesale wedding dresses to ensure the most variety.

Keep the Bridal Party in Mind

Finally, don’t forget the other people who will be joining you as you tie the knot. Your bridesmaids can play an integral part in your big day, and their style matters too.

If you choose to have a bridal party (a decision some modern brides are foregoing), then it can look best to choose a silhouette that matches or complements theirs.

For instance, brides and bridesmaids who all don some variation of a column gown can look elegant and regal at the altar. The same goes for traditional A-line and sheath dresses.

Conversely, standout styles such as corseted and V-neck gowns are best suited for the bride only. If everyone came down the aisle in a corseted ballgown, the drama would be lost on the bride, who deserves the spotlight most of all.

Looking for a silhouette that your bridesmaids will thank you for choosing? Go for a shorter, tea-length style that they can rewear for years.

Get Hitched in the Perfect Wedding Dress Silhouettes

Different Wedding Dress Silhouettes

Your big day is around the corner, and you want a style that’s all your own. While there are many different wedding dress silhouettes to choose from, there’s only one look that’s meant just for you.

Take the time to check out all of your options, keeping your body type, personal style, and event theme in mind. When you find the perfect one, you’ll know it and will be ready to share it with the world!

In the meantime, we’re here to keep you updated on all the lifestyle news you need. Check out our Beauty section for more inspiration!