Hidden Meanings Of Dragon Jewelry You Didn’t Know About

Dragon Jewelry

Dragons are some of the most legendary creatures in mythology and folklore. They are a significant part of the historical heritage of China, Japan, Vietnam, and many other countries. At all times, they inspired awe, admiration, and respect.

The serpent-like creature is the embodiment of strength, masculinity, and independence. Dragons are frequent protagonists in many movies, cartoons, books, and games because we love hearing stories about wise and mighty beasts.

It is hard to imagine a culture that doesn’t have any legends of dragons at all. They are even mentioned in the Bible. Maybe that’s why a flying serpent still remains a popular symbol in art including the art of jewelry.

There are many pieces of jewelry depicting dragons in various colors, styles, and designs. Each image carries its own meaning. We’d like to reveal some of these meanings in this post.

What does Dragon Jewelry Mean?

The symbolism of dragon jewelry covers a wide range of meanings. One culture may regard dragons as a symbol of strength and wisdom while another will deem them as a bad omen. In the east, for example, a dragon is a symbol of power, the guardian of temples and families. In the west, it is a symbol of war and terror. A dragon can symbolize not only brute strength but also wisdom and justice, and its image does not have to be gloomy and frightening.

Colors Have a Meaning, Too

In Eastern cultures, people attached great importance to the color of a dragon. This color complemented the symbolism and gave it new meanings.

Silver (or white) dragons signify mystery. Silver dragon jewelry is the best choice for people who have their own views regarding things happening in the world. They don’t follow the crowd; instead, they choose their own path. If jewelry is made of darkened or oxidized silver or is covered with black enamel, such a dragon will speak of wisdom and respect for parents. If two dragons, a white and black one, are depicted simultaneously in a ring or pendant, they become a symbol of Yin and Yang. It is a great match for a person striving for harmony within themselves and the world around them.

Red dragons have rather ambiguous meanings. They can personify aggressiveness and hostility towards others. At the same time, they are full of passion and love. They are excellent totems for the entire family.

Dragon jewelry that displays a lot of green shades denotes a bold and audacious person. It also shows their bond with nature.

A gold dragon is a symbol of struggle and victory, power, and special status among the people. Gold dragons personify the emperor and his family in China. Therefore, a gold dragon ring or pendant is an excellent accessory for noble and respected individuals.

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Dragon’s Body Language

The things a dragon stands for also depend on how it is depicted. For example, a serpent captured flying means peace, tranquility, and mental balance. A creature that grins, speeds its wings wide, and showcases its claws denotes anger and a desire for domination. If it is depicted with its mouth shut and its wings resting, such an image speaks of good nature and love for others.

A dragon flying upward also makes it clear that it is open-minded and kindness. However, if it flies downward, this will indicate hidden aggression and distrust of strangers. A person wearing such jewelry shows that it likes keeping distance.

A dragon depicted with prominent horns is a symbol of determination. If a piece of jewelry displays both a dragon and a tiger as equals, it speaks of the inner balance. At the same time, if a dragon wraps around a tiger in a friendly way, this indicates unity, agreement, and understanding in a relationship.

It’s not uncommon to see dragons alongside flowers. Together with a lotus, such a piece of jewelry will denote wisdom. Add a Japanese chrysanthemum, the flower of the emperor, and this image will symbolize joy and longevity.

Designs, where a dragon interacts with a cross, have Celtic origins. This motif represents the victory over evil that spiritually enriches a person.

Dragon Jewelry

Dragon Jewelry for Men and Women

For guys, a dragon is a symbol of courage, strength, prudence, and justice. A man who gravitates towards this image is a defender of women, children, and the elderly. He will not offend a weak one and will help every person who needs it.

In jewelry for women, a dragon is also a symbol of strength, audacity, and protection. Such a girl is a real homemaker, she has a persistent character and she is always ready to protect her family. Girls prefer their dragons to be graceful, and such images show that they have good judgment, they are sensible and able to resolve conflicts.