Embellished Fishnet Tights For A Fairy Princess Or Mermaid Look

Magically Embellished Fishnet Tights For Everyone Who Wants To Like A Fairy Princess Or A Mermaid

Lirika Matoshi, a Kosovo native never would have predicted starting her very own business of extremely detailed, embellished tights, socks, dresses, and tops. Inspired by nature and fantasy, what attracted people to this Etsy shop was her dazzling and magical feeling of fishnet tights. These fishnet tights are all hand decorated with hours of work put into them to make them look merperson like.

Matoshi had arrived in New York from Kosovo to try to get a shot of getting into the Fashion Institute of Technology but unfortunately was rejected by the school. All things happen for a reason, they say. Now she has a business that students of the school request to be interns for.


Lirika Matoshi first started out designing chokers, gloves, and headpieces which were also worn by the famous Elle King. Months later she came up with the idea on the spur of the moment when she just thought to embellish one of her fishnet tights with dainty details. And as she took a photo and posted it on Instagram, then the unexpected happened when hundreds of people wanted to get their hands on one.

Nana’s Flowers

Now, this New York-based artist works for celebrities like Dua Lipa, Noah Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, and Rita Ora.

Here are a few designs created by the very Lirika Matoshi,

#1 Beneath the Sea

#2 Ripped Floral

#3 Stars In Her Eyes

#4 Sunset

#5 Starry

#6 Blush and Creamy

#7 Fairy

#8 Wild Cherries

#9 Starry Fishnet

#10 Blooming

#11 From the Wonderland

#12 Dramatic Irises

#13 Dotty Crystal

#14 Peach Starry

#15 Flowers and more Flowers

Image Credits: Lirika Matoshi